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Army Height and Weight Calculator 2023

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The Army Height and Weight Calculator 2023 is a crucial tool designed to help individuals understand whether they meet the U.S. Army’s physical requirements for enlistment or continued service. This calculator not only assesses whether a person’s weight is in the acceptable range for their height but also estimates body fat percentage if the weight exceeds the maximum allowable limit. It’s a straightforward yet essential tool for anyone considering a career in the Army or for current personnel to maintain their fitness levels.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary purpose of the Army Height and Weight Calculator is to ensure that Army personnel maintain the physical readiness required for their duties. The U.S. Army has set specific weight standards based on height, age, and gender to promote fitness and combat readiness. If an individual’s weight exceeds these standards, the calculator then uses body fat measurements to provide a more nuanced assessment, recognizing that muscle mass can contribute to a higher weight.

How It Works

The calculator uses a simple process:

  1. Enter Basic Information: You input your height, age, and gender.
  2. Weight Measurement: You compare your current weight against the Army’s weight chart for your height and age group.
  3. Body Fat Estimation (If Necessary): If your weight is over the limit, you then measure your neck and waist (and hip for women) circumferences to calculate your body fat percentage.

Step-by-Step Examples

  • Example for Men: A 25-year-old man who is 68 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds.
    • Check the weight chart: The maximum allowable weight for his height is 175 pounds.
    • Measure neck (15 inches) and waist (36 inches).
    • Calculate body fat: 86.010×log⁡10(36−15)−70.041×log⁡10(68)+36.7686.010×log10​(36−15)−70.041×log10​(68)+36.76 yields a body fat percentage.
  • Example for Women: A 30-year-old woman who is 65 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.
    • Check the weight chart: The maximum allowable weight for her height is 146 pounds.
    • Measure neck (13 inches), waist (30 inches), and hip (40 inches).
    • Calculate body fat: 163.205×log⁡10(30+40−13)−97.684×log⁡10(65)−78.387163.205×log10​(30+40−13)−97.684×log10​(65)−78.387 results in a body fat percentage.

Relevant Information Table

Height (in inches)Max Weight for Men Under 21Max Weight for Men 21-27Max Weight for Women Under 21Max Weight for Women 21-27
65165 lbs175 lbs136 lbs145 lbs
68165 lbs175 lbs136 lbs145 lbs
70170 lbs180 lbs141 lbs150 lbs


The Army Height and Weight Calculator 2023 is a vital resource for maintaining the stringent physical standards required by the U.S. Army. It offers a clear, straightforward way for individuals to assess their eligibility and for current personnel to ensure they remain within the required fitness levels. By using this calculator, individuals can make informed decisions about their physical fitness and take steps towards meeting the Army’s standards, whether they are considering enlistment or aiming to maintain their readiness for duty.

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