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Roger Hub Final Calculator

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In the academic journey, managing and predicting grades is crucial. The Roger Hub Final Calculator is a practical tool designed to help students determine the grade they need on their final exam to achieve their desired overall course grade. This calculator not only simplifies the computation but also aids in strategic exam preparation.

Purpose and Functionality of the Calculator

The Roger Hub Final Calculator serves a specific yet vital function: it calculates the score a student needs on their final exam based on their current course grade, their desired final course grade, and the weight of the final exam in the grading system. This calculation helps students set realistic goals for their final exams, guiding their study efforts more effectively.

Formula Explained

The core of this calculator is based on the following formula:

Required Final Exam Grade=(Desired Grade−(1−Weight of Final)×Current GradeWeight of Final)×100Required Final Exam Grade=(Weight of FinalDesired Grade−(1−Weight of Final)×Current Grade​)×100

Inputs Needed:

  • Desired Grade (%): The overall grade you aim to achieve for the course.
  • Current Grade (%): Your grade in the course before the final exam.
  • Weight of Final (%): How much the final exam counts toward your overall grade, expressed as a percentage.

Step-by-Step Examples

To illustrate how the Roger Hub Final Calculator works, let’s consider a common scenario:

Example Calculation: Suppose you have an 85% in your course currently. The final exam is worth 20% of your grade, and you wish to finish the course with at least a 90%.

  1. Convert the weight of the final into a decimal:
    • 20% = 0.20
  2. Plug the values into the formula:Required Final Exam Grade=(90−(1−0.20)×850.20)×100Required Final Exam Grade=(0.2090−(1−0.20)×85​)×100
  3. Perform the calculations:
    • Calculate the current grade’s contribution: 0.80×85=680.80×85=68
    • Subtract this value from your desired grade: 90−68=2290−68=22
    • Divide by the weight of the final: 220.20=1100.2022​=110

This result of 110% indicates that achieving a 90% overall grade is not feasible with the current grades and final exam weight, suggesting a need for reassessment of achievable targets.

Relevant Information Table

InputDescriptionExample Value
Desired Grade (%)The grade you want to achieve in the course.90
Current Grade (%)Your grade before taking the final exam.85
Weight of Final (%)How much the final exam impacts your total course grade.20


The Roger Hub Final Calculator is an invaluable tool for students aiming to achieve specific academic goals. By providing clarity on the necessary performance on final exams, it helps students plan their study time more effectively, thus reducing anxiety and improving preparation. While the calculator provides crucial insights, students should also consider other factors such as topic difficulty and exam format to fully prepare for their final challenges.

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