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Temple University Gpa Calculator

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The Temple University GPA Calculator is a tool designed to help students at Temple University estimate their academic progress by calculating their grade point average (GPA). This tool considers the grades received in each course and the credit hours of each course to provide a cumulative GPA. Understanding how to calculate your GPA can be beneficial for academic planning and goal setting.

How the Temple University GPA Calculator Works

The calculator uses a simple formula that incorporates each course’s letter grade and credit hours to compute the GPA. Here’s how it’s done:

Formula Inputs:

  • Letter Grade for Each Course: Every letter grade is assigned a specific grade point value.
  • Credit Hours for Each Course: The number of credit hours indicates the weight or importance of the course in your overall schedule.

Typical Grade Points:

  • A = 4.0
  • A- = 3.67
  • B+ = 3.33
  • B = 3.0
  • B- = 2.67
  • C+ = 2.33
  • C = 2.0
  • C- = 1.67
  • D+ = 1.33
  • D = 1.0
  • F = 0.0

Steps to Calculate GPA

  1. Convert Each Letter Grade to Its Numeric Equivalent: Use the scale to find the grade point for each course.
  2. Multiply Each Grade Point by the Corresponding Course Credit Hours: This calculation gives you the quality points for each course.
  3. Sum All Quality Points: Add all the quality points to get a total.
  4. Sum All Credit Hours: Add all the credit hours for the courses taken.
  5. Divide the Total Quality Points by the Total Credit Hours:GPA=Total Quality PointsTotal Credit HoursGPA=Total Credit HoursTotal Quality Points​

Example Calculation

Suppose a student completed the following courses in a semester:

  • Course 1: Grade A, 3 credit hours
  • Course 2: Grade B+, 4 credit hours
  • Course 3: Grade C, 3 credit hours

First, convert the grades to grade points and multiply by credit hours:

  • Course 1: 4.0×3=12.04.0×3=12.0 quality points
  • Course 2: 3.33×4=13.323.33×4=13.32 quality points
  • Course 3: 2.0×3=6.02.0×3=6.0 quality points

Then, sum all quality points and credit hours:

  • Total Quality Points: 12.0+13.32+6.0=31.3212.0+13.32+6.0=31.32
  • Total Credit Hours: 3+4+3=103+4+3=10

Finally, calculate the GPA:

  • GPA: 31.32/10=3.13231.32/10=3.132

Additional Considerations

  • Repeat Courses: Policies on repeated courses can affect GPA calculations.
  • Pass/Fail Courses: These usually do not affect GPA unless failed.
  • Withdrawals: Courses from which a student withdraws typically do not count toward GPA.

Table of Grade Points and Credit Hours

Letter GradeGrade PointExample Credit HoursQuality Points


The Temple University GPA Calculator is an invaluable tool for students to monitor and manage their academic performance. It helps in planning course loads and understanding the impact of each grade on overall academic achievements. By using this calculator, students can strategically plan their semesters to achieve their desired academic outcomes.

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