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Lilith Calculator

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The Lilith Calculator is a fascinating tool that delves into the astrological realm, specifically focusing on calculating the position of the Mean Lilith, also known as the Black Moon Lilith. This point in astrology represents the Moon’s apogee, the farthest spot on the Moon’s orbit from Earth. The significance of Lilith in astrology is profound, symbolizing the darker, untamed aspects of one’s personality and the hidden depths of the psyche. But how does one calculate such an elusive point? The Lilith Calculator simplifies this complex process, making it accessible to both astrologers and enthusiasts alike.

The Purpose and Functionality

The Mean Lilith is calculated based on the Moon’s orbit’s apogee, considering the ecliptic longitude. This calculation involves celestial mechanics that are quite complex, often requiring astronomical software or ephemeride tables from various astrological resources. The simplified formula to calculate the Mean Lilith is as follows:

Lilith_Longitude = Moon_Apogee_Longitude - Correction_Factor

Variables Used

  • Lilith_Longitude: The ecliptic longitude of the Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart.
  • Moon_Apogee_Longitude: The ecliptic longitude of the Moon’s apogee.
  • Correction_Factor: A variable accounting for astronomical influences.

The true calculation of Lilith’s position involves intricate astronomical data and is typically beyond simple formulas, requiring specialized software for accuracy.

Step-by-Step Examples

Let’s consider a hypothetical example to illustrate the use of the Lilith Calculator:

  1. Input the Moon’s Apogee Longitude: Suppose the Moon’s apogee longitude is 150 degrees.
  2. Input the Correction Factor: Let’s say the correction factor for the specific date and calculations is 5 degrees.
  3. Calculate the Lilith Longitude: Using the formula, subtract the correction factor from the Moon’s apogee longitude: 150 – 5 = 145 degrees.
  4. Result: The Lilith Longitude, or the position of the Mean Lilith, would be 145 degrees ecliptic longitude.

A Table with Relevant Information

VariableDescriptionExample Value
Moon Apogee LongitudeEcliptic longitude of the Moon’s apogee150 degrees
Correction FactorAdjusts for astronomical influences5 degrees
Lilith LongitudeResultant ecliptic longitude of the Black Moon Lilith145 degrees

This table helps in understanding the variables involved in calculating the Mean Lilith and provides a clear, simplified example of how the calculation is made.


The Lilith Calculator offers a bridge between the complex astronomical calculations required to determine the position of the Black Moon Lilith and the astrological enthusiast seeking to understand their natal chart’s deeper, darker aspects. By simplifying this process, the calculator not only makes astrology more accessible but also provides insights into the untamed and often overlooked parts of our personality. Whether for personal exploration or professional astrological analysis, the Lilith Calculator is a valuable tool for unlocking the mysteries of the Black Moon Lilith.

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