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Tank Mix Calculator

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A tank mix calculator is an essential tool for farmers and agricultural professionals who need to prepare precise chemical mixtures for crop spraying. This calculator helps determine the correct amounts of various chemicals to be mixed in a spray tank, ensuring effective and efficient crop management.

Purpose and Functionality of the Tank Mix Calculator

The primary function of a tank mix calculator is to help users calculate the exact amount of each chemical required in a tank mix based on the desired concentration and total tank volume. This ensures that the mixture is both effective for its intended agricultural purpose and safe for the environment.

Formula to Calculate the Amount of Each Chemical

Basic Formula: Amount of Chemical=(Desired Concentration×Total Tank Volume100)Amount of Chemical=(100Desired Concentration×Total Tank Volume​)

This formula is used when the desired concentration is specified as a percentage. If the concentration is given in other units, such as ounces per gallon or grams per liter, the formula is adjusted accordingly: Amount of Chemical=Desired Concentration×Total Tank VolumeAmount of Chemical=Desired Concentration×Total Tank Volume

Example Calculation

Scenario: You need to prepare a tank mix in a 100-gallon tank with two chemicals:

  • Chemical A: Desired concentration of 2 ounces per gallon.
  • Chemical B: Desired concentration of 0.5% of the tank volume.


  • Chemical A: Amount of Chemical A=2 oz/gal×100 gal=200 ouncesAmount of Chemical A=2oz/gal×100gal=200ounces
  • Chemical B: Amount of Chemical B=(0.5×100 gal100)=0.5 gal=64 ouncesAmount of Chemical B=(1000.5×100gal​)=0.5gal=64ounces (conversion from gallons to ounces assuming 128 ounces per gallon)

Practical Considerations

  • Compatibility: Verify that all chemicals in the mix are compatible.
  • Weather Conditions: Account for factors like wind, temperature, and humidity.
  • Equipment Calibration: Ensure spraying equipment is accurately calibrated.
  • Legal and Safety Regulations: Adhere to local laws and safety guidelines.

Relevant Information Table

ChemicalDesired ConcentrationTotal VolumeAmount Needed
Chemical A2 oz/gal100 gal200 ounces
Chemical B0.5%100 gal64 ounces


The tank mix calculator is a vital tool in agriculture, helping to ensure that chemical mixtures are prepared accurately. By using this calculator, farmers can maximize the effectiveness of their applications, enhance crop yield, and minimize environmental impact. With the increasing availability of digital tools, integrating a tank mix calculator into web platforms or mobile apps has made it more accessible, allowing for real-time, precise calculations tailored to specific agricultural needs.

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