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Tesla Charging Time Calculator

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Electric vehicles (EVs), like those produced by Tesla, have gained popularity due to their efficiency and environmental benefits. One critical aspect of owning an EV is understanding how long it takes to charge the vehicle's battery. The Tesla Charging Time Calculator is an essential tool designed to estimate the time required to charge a Tesla's battery from a specific initial charge to a desired level.

How the Tesla Charging Time Calculator Works

The calculator uses several inputs to determine the time required to charge a Tesla's battery. These inputs include:

  • Battery Capacity (kWh): The total energy storage capacity of the Tesla's battery.
  • Charger Power (kW): The power output of the charging station.
  • State of Charge (SoC) Start (%): The battery's charge level at the start of charging.
  • State of Charge (SoC) End (%): The desired battery charge level after charging.
  • Charging Efficiency (%): The efficiency rate of the charging process, accounting for energy lost as heat or through other inefficiencies.

Calculation of Charging Time


The formula to calculate the charging time is as follows:

Charging Time (hours)=((SoC End−SoC Start)×Battery Capacity100)÷(Charger Power×Efficiency)Charging Time (hours)=(100(SoC End−SoC Start)×Battery Capacity​)÷(Charger Power×Efficiency)


  • SoC Start and SoC End are expressed as percentages.
  • Efficiency is in decimal form (e.g., 0.9 for 90%).

Example Calculation


Suppose you want to charge a Tesla with the following parameters:

  • Battery Capacity: 75 kWh
  • Charger Power: 11 kW
  • SoC Start: 20%
  • SoC End: 80%
  • Charging Efficiency: 90% (0.9)


  1. Calculate the Energy Required:Energy Required (kWh)=((80%−20%)100)×75 kWh=45 kWhEnergy Required (kWh)=(100(80%−20%)​)×75kWh=45kWh
  2. Calculate the Charging Time:Charging Time (hours)=45 kWh11 kW×0.9≈4.55 hoursCharging Time (hours)=11kW×0.945kWh​≈4.55hours

This calculation indicates that it would take approximately 4.55 hours to charge the Tesla's battery from 20% to 80% using an 11 kW charger at 90% efficiency.


  • Charger Type: Different types of chargers (Level 1, Level 2, or DC Fast Charging) can significantly affect charging times.
  • Battery Health: Older batteries may charge slower due to reduced efficiency.
  • Environmental Factors: Extreme temperatures can impact the charging speed.
  • Vehicle Use During Charging: Using the vehicle's systems or driving while charging can alter charging times.

Table of Charging Parameters and Results

Battery Capacity (kWh)75 kWh
Charger Power (kW)11 kW
State of Charge Start (%)20%
State of Charge End (%)80%
Charging Efficiency90% (0.9)
Calculated Charging TimeApprox. 4.55 hrs


The Tesla Charging Time Calculator is a valuable tool for Tesla owners and potential buyers. It helps users plan their charging sessions, ensuring they can efficiently manage their time and vehicle use. By understanding how different factors affect charging times, drivers can optimize their vehicle's charging strategy to suit their lifestyle and driving needs.

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