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Animal Dose Calculator

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In the fascinating world of medical and veterinary science, the Animal Dose Calculator emerges as a beacon of hope for translating medical dosages across species. This tool is not just a mathematical formula; it's a bridge that connects the well-being of different species, including humans, by ensuring the safe and effective use of medications across the animal kingdom.

Understanding the Animal Dose Calculator

The Animal Dose Calculator is ingeniously designed to convert a medication dose proven safe in one species to a corresponding dose in another species. This conversion primarily hinges on the concept of body surface area (BSA), acknowledging the significant differences in pharmacodynamics (the drug's effects on the body) and pharmacokinetics (the body's effect on the drug) among various species.

The Formula at Its Core

This equation helps veterinarians and researchers determine the appropriate dose for a target species based on a known effective dose in another species. The variables include:

  • Dose_target: The dose intended for the target species, measured in mg/kg.
  • Dose_known: The established safe and effective dose in the original species, also in mg/kg.
  • BSA_target & BSA_known: The body surface areas for the target and original species, respectively, expressed in m²/kg.

Body Surface Area Constants

A pivotal aspect of this calculation involves the BSA constants for different species, which are empirically derived and crucial for accurate dose conversion. Here are some examples:

  • Human: 1.00 m²/kg
  • Dog: 0.27 m²/kg
  • Cat: 0.24 m²/kg
  • Rabbit: 0.14 m²/kg
  • Mouse: 0.007 m²/kg
  • Rat: 0.025 m²/kg

Practical Example

To illustrate, consider converting a dose from rats to humans. If the safe dose for a rat is 200 mg/kg, and you wish to find the equivalent for humans,

This formula provides a starting point for determining a potentially safe dose in humans based on known data from rats.

Relevant Information Table

To aid in understanding and utilizing the Animal Dose Calculator, here's a table summarizing the BSA constants for various species:

SpeciesBSA (m²/kg)


The Animal Dose Calculator stands as a crucial tool in the quest for safer and more effective medication use across species. By considering the body surface area, this calculator offers a scientific approach to dose translation, albeit with the understanding that it's a starting point. It underscores the need for expert consultation and further research, especially when applying these conversions to clinical settings.

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