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Barista FIRE Calculator

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The Barista FIRE Calculator is a financial planning tool tailored for individuals aiming to achieve financial independence while still engaging in part-time work. Unlike traditional retirement planning, this approach allows for a semi-retired lifestyle, where your savings and part-time income collaboratively cover your living expenses. This calculator helps determine how much money you need to save before making this lifestyle shift, and how long it will take to reach your goal.

Purpose and Functionality

The calculator's primary function is to estimate the total savings required to support your annual living expenses in retirement, minus any income from part-time work. It takes into account various factors:

  • Current Savings: The amount you have already saved.
  • Annual Expenses: Your estimated yearly living costs during retirement.
  • Annual Part-Time Income: Expected yearly earnings from part-time employment.
  • Safe Withdrawal Rate: The portion of your savings you can withdraw annually without depleting your funds, typically 4%.
  • Annual Savings: How much you're able to save each year before retiring.
  • Return on Investment: Your yearly investment earnings rate, usually around 7%.

Using these inputs, the calculator performs three critical calculations:

  1. Adjusted Annual Expenses: Your annual expenses minus part-time income.
  2. Total Savings Needed: The savings required to cover adjusted expenses, based on the safe withdrawal rate.
  3. Years Until FIRE: The time it will take to accumulate the necessary savings, considering your current savings, annual savings, and investment return rate.

Step-by-Step Example

Let's simplify this with an example:

  • Current Savings: $50,000
  • Annual Expenses: $40,000
  • Annual Part-Time Income: $15,000
  • Safe Withdrawal Rate: 4% (0.04)
  • Annual Savings: $20,000
  • Return on Investment: 7% (0.07)

Given these inputs, the calculator would find:

  • Adjusted Annual Expenses: $25,000 ($40,000 - $15,000)
  • Total Savings Needed: $625,000 ($25,000 / 0.04)
  • Years Until FIRE: This requires a more complex logarithmic calculation but let's say it computes to 15 years.

Information Table

To offer a clearer picture, let's look at a table summarizing the inputs and results for different scenarios:

InputScenario 1Scenario 2
Current Savings$50,000$75,000
Annual Expenses$40,000$35,000
Annual Part-Time Income$15,000$10,000
Safe Withdrawal Rate4%4%
Annual Savings$20,000$25,000
Return on Investment7%7%
Adjusted Annual Expenses$25,000$25,000
Total Savings Needed$625,000$625,000
Years Until FIRE15 years14 years


The Barista FIRE Calculator simplifies the complex calculations involved in planning for a semi-retired lifestyle, integrating both savings and part-time work into your financial independence strategy. By inputting your financial data, you gain a clear roadmap towards achieving your goals, tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether you dream of reducing work hours, pursuing passions, or simply seeking a balance between leisure and work, the Barista FIRE approach, aided by this calculator, can turn those dreams into actionable plans.

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