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1/8 HP Calculator

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The 1/8 HP (Horsepower) calculator is a simple yet incredibly useful tool designed to convert horsepower, a unit of power, into watts, another unit of power more commonly used globally. This calculator specifically focuses on converting 1/8 HP into watts, providing an easy and accurate way to understand motor power in terms most people are familiar with.

Purpose and Functionality

Horsepower is a unit of power that describes the engine’s capacity or the amount of work done over time, traditionally used to quantify the power output of engines and motors. However, in many scientific and engineering contexts, watts are the preferred unit of measurement. The conversion between these two units of power is crucial for engineers, technicians, and hobbyists who work across systems that utilize different power units.

The formula used for this conversion is straightforward:

W = HP * 746

In this formula:

  • W represents the power in watts.
  • HP represents the power in horsepower.
  • The number 746 is the conversion factor from horsepower to watts.

For our specific case, converting 1/8 horsepower to watts:

W = (1/8) * 746 = 93.25

Therefore, 1/8 HP is equivalent to 93.25 watts.

Step-by-Step Examples

Let’s walk through an example to illustrate how the calculator works:

  1. Start with the horsepower value you wish to convert. In this case, it’s fixed at 1/8 HP.
  2. Use the formula provided: Multiply 1/8 HP by 746 to find the equivalent in watts.
  3. Calculate the result: 1/8 * 746 equals 93.25.
  4. Interpret the result: The output tells us that a motor with a power of 1/8 HP can also be described as having a power of 93.25 watts.

Relevant Information Table

To provide more context, here’s a table with conversions for other common fractions of horsepower to watts:

Horsepower (HP)Watts (W)
1/8 HP93.25 W
1/4 HP186.5 W
1/2 HP373 W
3/4 HP559.5 W
1 HP746 W


The 1/8 HP calculator serves as a valuable tool for anyone needing to convert horsepower to watts quickly and accurately. Its simplicity allows for easy integration into various projects and tasks, facilitating better understanding and communication across different disciplines that use varying units of power measurement. By offering a straightforward method to convert between these two units, the calculator enables more effective planning, design, and analysis of motors, engines, and other power-dependent devices. Its applications span from educational purposes, assisting students in grasping fundamental concepts of power units, to professional settings where precise conversions are necessary for engineering tasks and project planning.

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