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Rectangular Tube Weight Calculator

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In the world of construction and manufacturing, understanding the weight of materials is crucial for planning, cost estimation, and structural analysis. The Rectangular Tube Weight Calculator is a tool designed to simplify the process of calculating the weight of rectangular tubes, also known as rectangular hollow sections (RHS). This calculator uses specific measurements and material properties to provide accurate weight estimations, making it an invaluable asset for engineers, architects, and fabricators.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary purpose of the rectangular tube weight calculator is to determine the weight of a rectangular tube based on its dimensions and the material from which it’s made. By inputting the outer width, outer height, wall thickness, length, and material density, users can quickly calculate the weight without manual computations, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

How It Works:

The calculator follows a straightforward process:

  1. Input Required Dimensions and Properties:
    • Outer Width (W) and Outer Height (H): The external measurements of the tube.
    • Wall Thickness (T): The thickness of the tube’s wall.
    • Length (L): The total length of the tube.
    • Material Density (ρ): The density of the tube’s material.
  2. Perform Calculations:
    • The calculator first determines the volume of the tube material by calculating the difference between the outer volume and the inner volume. It then multiplies this volume by the material’s density to find the weight.

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s calculate the weight of a steel rectangular tube that measures 100mm in width, 50mm in height, has a wall thickness of 5mm, a length of 1 meter, and is made from steel with a density of 7850 kg/m³.

  1. Convert dimensions from millimeters to meters: 100mm to 0.1m, 50mm to 0.05m, and 5mm to 0.005m.
  2. Calculate the outer volume: 0.1m * 0.05m * 1m = 0.005 m³.
  3. Determine the inner dimensions: Width = 0.1m – 20.005m = 0.09m, Height = 0.05m – 20.005m = 0.04m.
  4. Calculate the inner volume: 0.09m * 0.04m * 1m = 0.0036 m³.
  5. Determine the material volume: 0.005 m³ – 0.0036 m³ = 0.0014 m³.
  6. Calculate the weight: 0.0014 m³ * 7850 kg/m³ = 10.99 kg.

Relevant Information Table

Outer Width (W)External width of the tube in meters or inches.
Outer Height (H)External height of the tube in meters or inches.
Wall Thickness (T)Thickness of the tube’s wall in meters or inches.
Length (L)Length of the tube in meters or inches.
Material Density (ρ)Density of the tube’s material in kg/m³ or lb/in³.
WeightThe calculated weight of the tube in kilograms or pounds.


The Rectangular Tube Weight Calculator streamlines the process of calculating the weight of rectangular tubes, offering precision and ease that manual calculations cannot match. Its utility spans across various fields such as construction, architecture, and manufacturing, providing quick, accurate estimates that are essential for project planning, cost estimation, and design. By incorporating this calculator into their workflow, professionals can ensure more efficient material planning and usage, contributing to smoother project execution and potentially significant cost savings.

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