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Yagi Antenna Calculator

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The Yagi Antenna Calculator is a practical tool designed to simplify the design process of a Yagi antenna, a popular type of directional antenna used in various applications such as television reception and amateur radio. This calculator assists enthusiasts and professionals in determining the critical dimensions of their Yagi antenna based on the operating frequency, ensuring optimal performance and reception.

Purpose and Functionality

The purpose of the Yagi Antenna Calculator is to provide an easy way to calculate the lengths of the different elements of a Yagi antenna, including the driven element (DE), reflector (REF), and directors (DIR), as well as their optimal spacing. These calculations are crucial for the antenna to operate efficiently at the desired frequency.

The functionality of the calculator is grounded in several fundamental physics formulas:

  1. Frequency of Operation (F): The frequency at which the antenna is intended to operate, typically measured in megahertz (MHz).
  2. Speed of Light (C): A constant value, approximately 3×1083×108 meters per second, crucial for calculating the wavelength (λ).
  3. Wavelength (λ): Determined by the formula λ=FC​, indicating the distance over which the wave's shape repeats.

These formulas are used to calculate the lengths of the antenna's elements:

  • Driven Element (DE): The central part of the antenna, typically half the wavelength (22λ​).
  • Reflector (REF): Slightly longer than the DE, usually 1.05×1.05× the length of the DE.
  • Directors (DIR): Slightly shorter, with the first director being 0.95×0.95× the length of the DE, and subsequent directors usually 0.93×0.93× the length of the previous director.
  • Spacing Between Elements: Critical for the antenna's gain and impedance, with common starting points being 0.10.1λ to 0.250.25λ between the DE and REF, and varying for other elements.

Step-by-Step Examples

Let's calculate a Yagi antenna designed to operate at 100 MHz:

  1. Frequency of Operation (F): 100 MHz
  2. Calculate the Wavelength (�λ): Given =3×108C=3×108 m/s, =3×108100×106=3λ=100×1063×108​=3 meters.
  3. Driven Element (DE): 1.51.5 meters (22λ​).
  4. Reflector (REF): 1.5751.575 meters (1.5×1.051.5×1.05).
  5. First Director (DIR1): 1.4251.425 meters (1.5×0.951.5×0.95).

Assuming the spacing between DE and REF is 0.250.25λ, and between DE and DIR1 is 0.10.1λ, the spacing would be 0.750.75 meters and 0.30.3 meters, respectively.

Table with Relevant Information

Here's a simple table showcasing how the dimensions of the Yagi antenna elements vary with different frequencies:

Frequency (MHz)Wavelength (m)DE Length (m)REF Length (m)DIR1 Length (m)


The Yagi Antenna Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone looking to design or understand the mechanics of Yagi antennas. By simplifying complex calculations, it enables users to efficiently determine the optimal lengths and spacings of the antenna's elements, ensuring the best possible performance for their specific application. Whether for hobbyist projects or professional implementations, this calculator demystifies the process of antenna design, making it accessible to a wider audience.

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