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Wels Compensation Calculator

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The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) compensation calculator is a brilliant tool designed to help individuals and organizations estimate the potential savings from using water-efficient products compared to less efficient ones. This digital calculator simplifies the process of understanding the impact of water efficiency on both the environment and your wallet.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary purpose of the WELS compensation calculator is to promote the use of water-efficient products by demonstrating the potential cost savings and environmental benefits. By inputting specific details about water usage, cost, and product efficiency, users can instantly see how much they can save in terms of water consumption and expenditure over a period. This not only aids in making informed purchasing decisions but also encourages a shift towards more sustainable living practices.

How It Works

The calculator uses a set of inputs and formulas to determine the annual water usage, savings, and cost-effectiveness of switching to water-efficient products. Here’s a breakdown of its core components:

Inputs Required

  1. Vw: Volume of water used per cycle (liters)
  2. Cw: Cost of water per kiloliter (dollars)
  3. N: Number of use cycles per day
  4. D: Number of days used per year
  5. Eo: Efficiency rating of the old product (stars)
  6. En: Efficiency rating of the new product (stars)

Formulas Used

  • Annual Water Use for Old and New Products: Calculated by multiplying the volume of water per cycle by the number of cycles per day and the number of days used per year. For the new product, the efficiency rating adjustment is also factored in.
  • Water Savings: The difference in annual water use between the old and new products.
  • Cost Savings: The monetary value of the water saved, calculated by multiplying the water savings by the cost of water per kiloliter.

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s say you’re considering replacing an old showerhead that uses 15 liters per minute with a new 5-star rated showerhead that uses less water. Here’s how the calculator can help you estimate the savings:

  1. Input the old showerhead’s water use (Vw = 15 liters), the water cost (Cw = $2 per kL), daily usage (N = 1 cycle), annual usage (D = 365 days), and efficiency ratings (Eo = 3 stars, En = 5 stars).
  2. The calculator processes the inputs using the provided formulas to determine the annual water use for both showerheads, calculates the water and cost savings.
  3. Results are displayed, showing how much water and money you could save annually by making the switch.

Relevant Information Table

Input/OutputDescriptionExample Value
Volume of Water per CycleThe amount of water used in one cycle (liters)15 liters
Cost of Water per kLPrice of 1000 liters of water (dollars)$2
Number of Cycles per DayDaily frequency of product use1 cycle
Number of Days Used per YearAnnual usage days365 days
Efficiency Rating (Old/New)Star rating indicating product’s water efficiency3 / 5 stars
Water SavingsAnnual water savings (liters)2190 liters
Cost SavingsAnnual cost savings (dollars)$4.38


The WELS compensation calculator is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint and save money through the use of water-efficient products. By providing a clear, quantifiable insight into the benefits of making more sustainable choices, it empowers users to take actionable steps towards conservation. Whether for personal or organizational use, this calculator illustrates the significant impact that small changes can have over time, encouraging a wider adoption of water-efficient technologies and practices.

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