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70 30 Commission Split Calculator

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The 70/30 commission split calculator is a handy tool designed to simplify the way commissions are divided between two parties. This calculator is particularly useful in sales environments, real estate, and other industries where earnings are often based on commission. Its primary function is to ensure a fair and transparent division of commissions at a ratio of 70% to one party and 30% to the other.

Purpose and Functionality

Commissions are a common way to reward sales performance, incentivize employees, or divide earnings between business partners. The division of these commissions needs to be clear and straightforward to maintain trust and transparency between parties involved. That's where the 70/30 commission split calculator comes into play. It provides a quick and easy method to calculate how much each party should receive when a commission is split, removing the need for complex calculations or potential misunderstandings.

How It Works: The Formula

The calculator uses a simple formula to determine the share for each party:

  • Party A's Share: (A = TC \times 0.70)
  • Party B's Share: (B = TC \times 0.30)

Where (TC) represents the Total Commission Amount to be divided between the two parties.

Step-by-Step Example

Let's illustrate this with a practical example. Imagine the total commission amount earned is $1000.

  1. Calculate Party A's Share:
  • (A = 1000 \times 0.70 = $700)
  1. Calculate Party B's Share:
  • (B = 1000 \times 0.30 = $300)

So, with a total commission of $1000, Party A would receive $700, and Party B would receive $300.

Adjustments for Deductions

Sometimes, there might be deductions, such as taxes or fees, that need to be accounted for before the split. Here’s how you handle that:

  1. Adjusted Total Commission Amount (ATC): Subtract the total deductions from the TC to get the adjusted amount. For example, with a $100 fee: (ATC = 1000 - 100 = $900).
  2. Recalculate Shares:
  • Party A's Share: (A = 900 \times 0.70 = $630)
  • Party B's Share: (B = 900 \times 0.30 = $270)

This ensures the split remains fair even after accounting for any necessary deductions.

Relevant Information Table

Here’s a quick table to illustrate how different commission amounts affect the division:

Total Commission (\$)Deductions (\$)Adjusted Total (\$)Party A's Share (\$)Party B's Share (\$)


The 70/30 commission split calculator is an invaluable tool for quickly and accurately dividing commissions between two parties. Its straightforward formula removes the complexity from calculations, making it easy for anyone to determine the exact share each party should receive. This tool not only ensures fairness and transparency but also saves time and prevents potential disputes over commission splits. Whether you're in sales, real estate, or any commission-based industry, this calculator simplifies the process of dividing commissions, allowing you to focus more on your business and less on the math.

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