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Novoco Rent Income Calculator

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The Novoco Rent & Income Limit Calculator© is a pivotal tool designed for housing professionals and developers navigating the complexities of income and rent limits across various housing programs. This calculator stands out as a resourceful guide in making affordable housing more accessible and understandable.

Purpose and Functionality

At its core, the Novoco Calculator aims to simplify the process of determining income and rent thresholds required for eligibility in housing programs such as the Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Section 142 Tax-Exempt Bonds. The tool is grounded in the principle of making housing affordable while adhering to program-specific requirements. It considers several critical factors:

  • Area Median Income (AMI): The foundational metric, AMI is published annually and varies by location, affecting income and rent calculations directly.
  • Income Limits: These are calculated as percentages of the AMI and are adjusted based on family size and location, marking the maximum income a household can earn to qualify for affordable housing.
  • Rent Limits: Determined as a percentage of the AMI, rent limits factor in utility allowances to ensure affordability.
  • Adjustments for Household Size: The calculator adjusts income and rent limits based on the unit's size and presumed household composition.

These elements combine within the calculator to provide accurate, program-specific guidelines for housing eligibility.


The formula used by the Novoco Rent & Income Limit Calculator, simplified, follows a process to determine how much a household can earn and how much rent they can afford under various housing programs, like the Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Section 142 Tax-Exempt Bonds. Here's a breakdown in simple terms:

  1. Start with the Area Median Income (AMI): This is the middle income for all households in a specific area. It's a benchmark to figure out if a household is considered "low-income" or not, based on where they live.
  2. Calculate Income Limits: This step involves figuring out the maximum amount of money a household can earn to qualify for affordable housing. It's a percentage of the AMI and changes depending on the household size and the area's cost of living. For example, a family earning 60% or less of the AMI might qualify for certain programs.
  3. Determine Rent Limits: Based on the income limits, this calculates how much rent the household can afford without stretching their budget too thin. It ensures that rent doesn't exceed a certain portion of their income, often around 30% of their monthly earnings.
  4. Adjust for Household Size: More people usually mean more expenses. This step adjusts the calculations based on the number of bedrooms needed and the household's size, ensuring the housing provided fits the family's needs.
  5. Factor in Program-Specific Requirements: Some housing programs have additional rules, like adjustments for high-cost areas or different ways of including utilities in rent calculations.

Using these steps, the calculator provides a straightforward way to understand eligibility for affordable housing programs, ensuring households don't spend more than they can afford on housing.

Step-by-Step Examples

Consider a scenario where a housing professional needs to determine the rent limit for a 2-bedroom LIHTC unit in an area with a 60% AMI of $36,000 annually. The process would involve:

  1. Entering the AMI: $36,000 for the geographic area.
  2. Specifying Household Size: Assuming a household size relevant to a 2-bedroom unit.
  3. Calculating Income Limit: Applying the 60% AMI criterion to adjust for household size.
  4. Determining Rent Limit: Calculating 30% of the monthly income limit, then subtracting average utility costs to find the rent threshold.

Through these steps, the calculator aids in deriving precise figures essential for compliance and planning in affordable housing development.

Relevant Information Table

FactorDescriptionExample Value
Area Median Income (AMI)Baseline income figure for a geographic area.$36,000 annually
Income LimitMaximum income a household can earn to qualify.60% of AMI
Rent LimitMaximum rent that can be charged, excluding utilities.30% of monthly income
Household Size AdjustmentAdjustments based on the number of bedrooms and occupants.Varies by unit size


The Novoco Rent & Income Limit Calculator© serves as an indispensable resource in the affordable housing sector. Its ability to demystify complex calculations and adapt to various program requirements makes it a valuable asset for ensuring compliance and fostering accessible housing solutions. By bridging the gap between regulatory guidelines and practical application, the calculator enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of housing projects nationwide. Its applications extend beyond mere number crunching, offering a pathway to understanding and navigating the intricacies of affordable housing eligibility and compliance.

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