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Novogradac Rent and Income Calculator

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The Novogradac Rent and Income Calculator is a pivotal tool designed to bring clarity and efficiency to the calculation of rent and income limits in various housing programs. Its primary purpose is to ensure that housing remains affordable for households by aligning rent charges with income levels, based on the Area Median Income (AMI) of a geographic area. This tool stands out for its user-friendliness and precision in delivering crucial data for both tenants and housing providers.

Purpose and Functionality

At the heart of affordable housing programs is the need to balance rent with a household's ability to pay. This balance is crucial in maintaining housing security and ensuring that low- to moderate-income families have access to safe and affordable homes. The Novogradac Rent and Income Calculator uses a simplified formula to determine rent limits, ensuring that households do not spend an inordinate portion of their income on rent.

The Simplified Formula for Rent Calculation

The formula's foundation is the calculation of rent limits as a percentage of the Area Median Income (AMI), adjusted for household size. A widely accepted standard is that rent should not exceed 30% of a household's income, provided that the household's income does not surpass a specified percentage of the AMI, commonly set at 60%.

Variables Explained

  • AMI (Area Median Income): The median income level among all households in a specified geographic area.
  • HouseholdIncome: The total annual income earned by all members of a household.
  • IncomeLimitPercentage: The maximum income level, expressed as a percentage of the AMI, that a household can earn to qualify for the program, often 60%.
  • RentPercentage: The portion of the household's income that can be allocated to rent, typically 30%.


  • Income Limit Calculation:makefileCopy codeIncomeLimit = AMI * IncomeLimitPercentage
  • Maximum Allowable Rent Calculation:makefileCopy codeMaxRent = (HouseholdIncome * RentPercentage) / 12

Step-by-Step Examples

Let's illustrate the calculator's application with an example. Suppose the AMI for a given area is $60,000, and we have a household earning $35,000 annually. This program targets households earning up to 60% of the AMI, with rent capped at 30% of the household's income.

  1. Calculate the Income Limit:makefileCopy codeIncomeLimit = 60000 * 0.60 = 36000 This means households earning up to $36,000 annually can qualify for this program.
  2. Determine the Maximum Allowable Rent:makefileCopy codeMaxRent = (35000 * 0.30) / 12 ≈ 875 Therefore, the maximum monthly rent that this household should be charged, under these program guidelines, is approximately $875.

Relevant Information Table

VariableDescriptionExample Value
AMI (Area Median Income)Median income for the area$60,000
Household IncomeTotal annual income of the household$35,000
Income Limit PercentageMax percentage of AMI a household can earn to qualify60%
Rent PercentagePercentage of income to be spent on rent30%
Income LimitMaximum income to qualify$36,000
Maximum Allowable RentMaximum rent charged per month$875


The Novogradac Rent and Income Calculator serves as an indispensable tool in the realm of affordable housing. It offers a straightforward method for calculating income and rent limits, facilitating fair and equitable housing practices. This tool aids in preventing households from being burdened by excessive rent costs, thereby promoting economic stability and housing security for low- to moderate-income families. Its application extends across various housing programs, making it a versatile resource for ensuring that housing affordability goals are met with precision and ease.

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