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Sibtf Calculator

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The Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) calculator is a specialized tool designed to help injured workers, employers, and legal advisors determine potential benefits under the SIBTF program in California. This program aims to provide financial assistance to workers who suffer from a subsequent injury at work that exacerbates pre-existing disabilities.

Purpose and Functionality of the SIBTF Calculator

The SIBTF calculator is used to estimate the financial benefits that an injured worker might be eligible for if their combined disabilities result in a significantly higher impairment than the most recent workplace injury alone. This tool simplifies the complex calculations involved by incorporating key inputs about the worker's disabilities and earnings.

Key Formula Inputs and How They Are Used

Formula Inputs:

  1. Pre-existing Disability Percentage (PDP): Measures the degree of disability before the most recent injury.
  2. Subsequent Injury Percentage (SIP): The disability level from the recent workplace injury.
  3. Combined Disability Percentage (CDP): The total disability considering both the pre-existing and new injuries.
  4. Wages: The worker's earnings which are used to calculate potential compensation.


  • Determine Combined Disability: This involves understanding how the pre-existing and new injuries interact, which can affect the total disability rating.
  • Calculate Eligibility for SIBTF: The total disability must typically exceed 70% to qualify.
  • Determine SIBTF Benefit: The benefit is calculated by determining the difference in compensation between just the recent injury and the combined effect of the injuries.

Step-by-Step Example

Let's consider a worker with the following details:

  • Pre-existing Disability: 30%
  • Subsequent Injury: 40%
  • Combined Disability: 80%
  • Wages: $800 weekly


  1. Compensation for Subsequent Injury Alone: 40% of $800 = $320 weekly
  2. Compensation for Combined Disability: 80% of $800 = $640 weekly
  3. SIBTF Benefit: $640 - $320 = $320 weekly

Information Table

Pre-existing Disability (PDP)30%
Subsequent Injury (SIP)40%
Combined Disability (CDP)80%
Weekly Wages$800
Compensation for Subsequent Injury$320
Compensation for Combined Disability$640
SIBTF Benefit$320 weekly


The SIBTF calculator is an essential tool that aids in the decision-making process for providing benefits under the Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund program. It offers a clear, numerical basis to assess additional compensation for workers who face increased disability due to a combination of pre-existing and subsequent injuries. By automating complex calculations, the calculator not only saves time but also ensures that the assessments are consistent and fair, ultimately supporting injured workers in receiving the benefits they rightfully deserve.

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