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Wash Sale Date Calculator

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Investing in the stock market is a common way to grow wealth, but it comes with its set of challenges, especially when navigating tax implications of selling securities at a loss. One such challenge is the "wash sale" rule, a tax regulation designed to prevent investors from claiming a tax deduction for a security sold in a wash sale. This is where the Wash Sale Date Calculator becomes an invaluable tool for investors. It simplifies the process of determining whether a sale falls under the wash sale category and calculates the adjusted cost basis of new securities purchased.

Purpose and Functionality of the Calculator

The Wash Sale Date Calculator is designed to help investors understand and apply the wash sale rule to their investment activities. This rule applies when you sell securities at a loss and buy substantially identical securities within 30 days before or after the sale. The calculator uses specific inputs and formulas to determine if a purchase qualifies as a wash sale and calculates the necessary adjustments to the cost basis of the newly acquired securities.

Variables Needed for Calculation:

  • Date of Sale (DOS): The date when the securities were sold at a loss.
  • Sale Loss Amount (SLA): The amount lost in the sale.
  • Purchase Date of New Securities (PDNS): When new, substantially identical securities were bought.
  • Cost Basis of New Securities (CBNS): The purchase cost of the new securities.
  • Adjustment to Cost Basis (ACB): The necessary adjustment to the cost basis due to the wash sale rule.

Step-by-Step Example

Let's go through an example to see the calculator in action:

  1. Gather Information:
    • DOS: June 1
    • SLA: $500
    • PDNS: June 15 (within the 30-day window)
    • CBNS: $5,000
  2. Determine Wash Sale:
    • The purchase of new securities falls within 30 days after the DOS, making it a wash sale.
  3. Calculate Adjusted Cost Basis:
    • ACB = $5,000 (CBNS) + $500 (SLA) = $5,500

Relevant Information Table

DOSDate of sale of the securities at a lossJune 1
SLASale loss amount$500
PDNSPurchase date of new, substantially identical securitiesJune 15
CBNSCost basis of the new securities$5,000
ACBAdjusted cost basis after accounting for the wash sale$5,500


The Wash Sale Date Calculator is a crucial tool for investors looking to navigate the complexities of tax regulations related to selling securities at a loss. It not only helps in identifying wash sales but also in calculating the adjusted cost basis of new securities, ensuring compliance with tax laws and aiding in financial planning. By simplifying these calculations, the calculator allows investors to make informed decisions and potentially mitigate the tax implications of their investment strategies. Always remember, the implications of the wash sale rule can vary widely depending on individual circumstances, so consulting with a tax professional for personal advice is recommended.

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