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Minute Ventilation Calculator

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The Minnesota Stand Alone Calculator is a specialized tool designed to calculate Minute Ventilation (VE), a key parameter in respiratory physiology. VE measures the total volume of air that moves in and out of the lungs per minute, making it an invaluable metric in both clinical and fitness settings.

Purpose and Functionality

Minute Ventilation is critical for assessing a patient's respiratory status, especially in medical scenarios involving respiratory disorders or mechanical ventilation. The Minnesota Stand Alone Calculator simplifies this calculation by using two primary inputs: Respiratory Rate (RR) and Tidal Volume (TV).

The Formula Explained

The formula to calculate Minute Ventilation is straightforward:



  • VE is the Minute Ventilation, usually measured in liters per minute (L/min).
  • RR is the Respiratory Rate, indicating the number of breaths taken per minute.
  • TV is the Tidal Volume, representing the volume of air moved per breath, typically measured in liters.


To calculate Minute Ventilation, which is the amount of air moved in and out of your lungs in one minute, you just need to multiply two things:

  1. How many breaths you take in a minute (this is your Respiratory Rate, RR).
  2. How much air you move with each breath (this is your Tidal Volume, TV).

So, the simple formula looks like this:

Minute Ventilation = Respiratory Rate x Tidal Volume

In other words, if you know how many breaths you take in a minute and how much air goes in and out with each breath, you can figure out how much air your lungs are moving in a minute by multiplying those two numbers together.

Inputs for the Calculation

  • Respiratory Rate (RR): The frequency of breaths per minute, with a typical resting rate for adults ranging between 12 to 20 breaths.
  • Tidal Volume (TV): The amount of air inhaled or exhaled in a single breath, usually around 0.5 liters at rest for adults.

Step-by-Step Calculation Example

Imagine a person with a respiratory rate of 15 breaths per minute and a tidal volume of 0.5 liters. The calculation would be:

VE=15×0.5=7.5 L/minVE=15×0.5=7.5L/min

This result means the individual's lungs are moving 7.5 liters of air per minute.

Relevant Information Table

ParameterDescriptionTypical Values
Respiratory Rate (RR)Number of breaths per minute12-20 breaths/min (Adult)
Tidal Volume (TV)Volume of air per breath0.5 liters (Adult)
Minute Ventilation (VE)Total air moved per minuteVariable


The Minnesota Stand Alone Calculator for Minute Ventilation offers a straightforward, efficient way to monitor respiratory health. By simply inputting a person's respiratory rate and tidal volume, healthcare professionals, fitness trainers, and individuals can quickly assess lung ventilation. This tool's simplicity and accessibility make it an essential asset in various settings, underscoring the importance of understanding and monitoring respiratory function for overall health and well-being. Whether for clinical assessments or monitoring physical training's effects, the Minnesota Stand Alone Calculator provides critical insights into an individual's respiratory efficiency.

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