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Nicotine Calculator

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In the world of vaping and DIY e-juice making, precision is key to achieving the perfect blend. This is where a nicotine calculator comes into play. It's a tool designed to help vapers and e-juice creators determine the exact amount of nicotine base needed to add to their mixture to reach a desired nicotine strength. This calculator ensures that enthusiasts can customize their vaping experience safely and accurately.

Purpose and Functionality

The nicotine calculator serves a crucial function: it calculates the volume of nicotine liquid (base) to be added to an e-juice mixture to achieve a specific nicotine concentration. This calculation is essential for DIY e-juice makers who need to mix their concoctions with precision, avoiding the risks of too much or too little nicotine.

The core of the calculator's functionality lies in a simple formula:

V_n = (C_d * V_f) / C_n


  • V_n is the volume of nicotine base to add (in mL),
  • C_d is the desired nicotine concentration in the final mix (in mg/mL),
  • V_f is the final volume of the e-juice (in mL),
  • C_n is the concentration of the nicotine base being used (in mg/mL).

Step-by-Step Examples

Example 1: Making a Standard Vape Juice

Imagine you want to prepare 50 mL of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 3 mg/mL, using a nicotine base of 100 mg/mL. According to the formula, you would calculate the amount of nicotine to add as follows:

V_n = (3 mg/mL * 50 mL) / 100 mg/mL = 1.5 mL

This means you need to add 1.5 mL of your nicotine base to your mix to achieve the desired strength.

Example 2: Preparing a Stronger Blend

If you're aiming for a stronger blend, say 10 mg/mL nicotine strength in a 30 mL bottle, with the same 100 mg/mL nicotine base, the calculation changes to:

V_n = (10 mg/mL * 30 mL) / 100 mg/mL = 3 mL

So, you would add 3 mL of nicotine base to achieve your target concentration.

Relevant Information Table

Desired Nicotine Strength (mg/mL)Final E-Juice Volume (mL)Nicotine Base Strength (mg/mL)Nicotine Volume to Add (mL)


The nicotine calculator is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in making their e-juice. It simplifies the process of determining the exact amount of nicotine required to reach a desired concentration level, ensuring safety and accuracy in DIY e-juice preparation. By using this calculator, enthusiasts can experiment with different strengths and flavors while maintaining the precise nicotine content they enjoy. This tool not only enhances the DIY e-juice making experience but also encourages a safer approach to vaping.

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