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Power Zone Calculator Cycling

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Active Recovery (Zone 1): 0 Watts
Endurance (Zone 2): 0 Watts
Tempo (Zone 3): 0 Watts
Lactate Threshold (Zone 4): 0 Watts
VO2 Max (Zone 5): 0 Watts
Anaerobic Capacity (Zone 6): 0 Watts
Neuromuscular Power (Zone 7): 0 Watts

Cycling isn’t just about pedaling faster or longer; it’s about training smarter. That’s where the power zone calculator steps in, a brilliant tool designed to revolutionize your cycling training by harnessing the power of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). This article explores the essence of the power zone calculator, how it works, and why it’s a game-changer for cyclists.

What is a Power Zone Calculator?

A power zone calculator is a digital tool that determines your cycling training zones based on your FTP, which is the highest power you can sustain for an hour. It segments your power output into zones, each targeting specific training goals from recovery to peak performance. These zones are pivotal for structuring workouts to improve endurance, speed, and overall cycling performance.

The Essence of FTP and Training Zones

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is your beacon in the vast sea of cycling training. It represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 60 minutes. Think of it as a benchmark for setting tailored, intensity-based training sessions.

Training zones are slices of your FTP, each representing a different intensity level:

  • Zone 1 (Active Recovery): Less than 55% of FTP
  • Zone 2 (Endurance): 56% – 75% of FTP
  • Zone 3 (Tempo): 76% – 90% of FTP
  • Zone 4 (Lactate Threshold): 91% – 105% of FTP
  • Zone 5 (VO2 Max): 106% – 120% of FTP
  • Zone 6 (Anaerobic Capacity): 121% – 150% of FTP
  • Zone 7 (Neuromuscular Power): Greater than 150% of FTP

How to Calculate Your Zones

Let’s break down the calculations using an FTP of 250 watts as an example:

  • Zone 1: Less than 137.5 watts
  • Zone 2: 140 to 187.5 watts
  • Zone 3: 190 to 225 watts
  • Zone 4: 227.5 to 262.5 watts
  • Zone 5: 265 to 300 watts
  • Zone 6: 302.5 to 375 watts
  • Zone 7: More than 375 watts

These zones help tailor your training to focus on specific areas, such as building endurance or increasing sprinting power.

A Simple Zone Table

ZoneDescription% of FTPExample for 250W FTP
1Active Recovery<55%<137.5W
4Lactate Threshold91%-105%227.5-262.5W
5VO2 Max106%-120%265-300W
6Anaerobic Capacity121%-150%302.5-375W
7Neuromuscular Power>150%>375W


The power zone calculator is more than just a tool; it’s a personal coach that helps you navigate the complex world of cycling performance. By understanding and applying your power zones, you can train more efficiently, targeting specific energy systems and performance goals. This strategic approach ensures every pedal stroke moves you closer to your peak potential, making your training smarter, not harder. With the power zone calculator, the power to improve is literally at your fingertips.

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