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Aion Classic Stigma Calculator

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In the world of “Aion Classic,” players are given the opportunity to enhance their characters through the use of stigmas, unique stones that grant additional skills and abilities. Managing these stigmas effectively is crucial for maximizing a character’s potential in combat, exploration, and various in-game activities. The Aion Classic Stigma Calculator is a tool designed to simplify this management process, allowing players to plan and optimize their stigma setups based on their character’s level and the available stigma slots.

Purpose and Functionality

The Stigma Calculator serves as an essential utility for players, aimed at providing a straightforward method for determining which stigmas can be equipped, calculating the total cost for unlocking stigma slots, and identifying the optimal stigma configuration for a character. By inputting details such as the character’s level, available stigma slots, and desired stigmas, players can quickly gauge the feasibility and resource requirements for their intended setup.


The calculator uses several variables to perform its calculations:

  • characterLevel: The level of the character.
  • availableSlots: The number of stigma slots available to the character.
  • stigmaLevelRequirement: The level requirement of the stigma stone.
  • slotCost: The cost to unlock a stigma slot (if applicable).

Step-by-Step Examples

Example 1: Equipping a Single Stigma

Suppose you have a level 45 character and want to equip a stigma that requires level 40. You have 3 available slots, and each slot costs 1000 in-game currency to unlock.

Relevant Information Table

characterLevelLevel of the character
availableSlotsNumber of available stigma slots
stigmaLevelRequirementLevel requirement for the stigma
slotCostCost to unlock a single stigma slot


The Aion Classic Stigma Calculator is an invaluable tool for players looking to optimize their characters. By efficiently managing stigma slots and understanding the costs associated with equipping different stigmas, players can enhance their gameplay experience and fully realize their characters’ potential. Whether you’re planning your next PvP setup or preparing for a challenging PvE encounter, the Stigma Calculator simplifies complex decisions, making it easier to achieve your in-game goals.

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