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Ark Breeding Calculator

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Breeding creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved is a complex process with many factors to consider, but with the Ark Breeding Calculator, players can simplify this task. This tool helps players estimate the potential stats of their future dinosaur offspring by taking into account the genetic makeup of the parents. It’s designed to provide insight into how the base stats of an offspring might turn out, before mutations and imprinting bonuses are applied.

Purpose and Functionality of the Calculator

The Ark Breeding Calculator is based on a straightforward principle: it calculates the expected base stats of an offspring by averaging the stats of its parents. This calculation gives players a starting point for understanding the potential strength, health, stamina, and other vital stats of their bred dinosaurs. Additionally, the calculator can estimate the effects of mutations and imprinting bonuses, which are crucial for breeding superior creatures in the game.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator uses specific formulas to predict the outcome of breeding efforts:

  1. Formula for Offspring Base Stat Calculation: OffspringStat = (Parent1Stat + Parent2Stat) / 2 This formula determines the base stat of the offspring by averaging the corresponding stats of both parents.
  2. Mutation Chance Calculation: MutationEffect = OffspringStat + (OffspringStat * MutationRate) If a mutation occurs, this formula calculates the new stat by applying the mutation rate to the offspring’s base stat.
  3. Imprinting Bonus Calculation: ImprintedStat = OffspringStat * (1 + ImprintingBonusRate) Imprinting can significantly enhance an offspring’s stats, and this formula reflects the bonus applied from successful imprinting.

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s consider a simple example to illustrate how the calculator works:

  • Parent 1 Health: 1000
  • Parent 2 Health: 1200
  • Mutation Rate: 2.5% (0.025)
  • Imprinting Bonus Rate: 20% (0.20)

Step 1: Calculate the base health of the offspring.

OffspringBaseHealth = (1000 + 1200) / 2 = 1100

Step 2: Apply the mutation effect.

MutationEffect = 1100 * 0.025 = 27.5 OffspringHealthWithMutation = 1100 + 27.5 = 1127.5

Step 3: Apply the imprinting bonus.

ImprintedHealth = 1127.5 * (1 + 0.20) = 1353

Relevant Information Table

Here’s a simple table to summarize the calculations:

Parent 1 Health1000
Parent 2 Health1200
Offspring Base Health1100
Mutation Rate2.5%
Offspring Health w/ Mutation1127.5
Imprinting Bonus Rate20%
Imprinted Health1353


The Ark Breeding Calculator is an indispensable tool for players looking to optimize their breeding strategies in Ark: Survival Evolved. By providing a clear understanding of how the genetic traits of parent dinosaurs can influence their offspring, players can make informed decisions to breed creatures with superior stats. Whether you’re aiming to enhance a specific stat like health or stamina, or you’re trying to maximize the chances of beneficial mutations, this calculator simplifies the complex genetics at play. With its help, players can save time and resources, focusing their efforts on breeding the most powerful dinosaurs for survival or combat.

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