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Evony Troop Calculator

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In the strategic game of Evony, managing your troops efficiently can be the difference between victory and defeat. This is where the Evony Troop Calculator comes into play, a handy tool designed to optimize your military efforts. It helps players calculate the total time and resources needed to train troops, taking into account various bonuses that can affect these metrics. This article will delve into the workings, purpose, and practical applications of the Evony Troop Calculator, using simple language to ensure everyone can understand and benefit from it.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary goal of the Evony Troop Calculator is to provide players with a clear picture of the investment required for troop training, both in terms of time and resources. By inputting a few key figures, players can plan their training schedules and resource allocation more effectively.

The calculator uses two main formulas:

  1. Troop Training Time Formula: Determines the total time needed to train a specified number of troops.
    • TrainingTime = (BaseTimePerUnit * NumberOfUnits) / (1 + SpeedBonus)
  2. Resource Requirements Formula: Calculates the total resources needed for the training.
    • TotalResources = (BaseResourcePerUnit * NumberOfUnits) / (1 + ResourceBonus)

These formulas account for the base training time and resources needed per unit, the number of units, and any applicable bonuses from research, titles, or items that can expedite training or reduce costs.

Step-by-Step Examples

Let's break down the formulas with an example:

Example 1: Calculating Training Time

  • Suppose you want to train 100 archers, each taking 1 minute without any bonuses.
  • You have a 20% training speed bonus.
  • Using the formula: TrainingTime = (1 * 100) / (1 + 0.20) = 83.33 minutes

Example 2: Calculating Resource Requirements

  • Each archer requires 100 food to train, with a 10% resource reduction bonus.
  • Using the formula: TotalResources = (100 * 100) / (1 + 0.10) = 9,090 food

Relevant Information Table

InputExample ValueDescription
BaseTimePerUnit1 minuteTime to train one unit without bonuses
NumberOfUnits100Total units to train
SpeedBonus20%Bonus reducing training time
BaseResourcePerUnit100 foodResources required to train one unit without bonuses
ResourceBonus10%Bonus reducing resource requirements


The Evony Troop Calculator is an invaluable tool for all players looking to maximize their efficiency in troop management. By accurately calculating training times and resource requirements, it allows for strategic planning and resource optimization. Whether you're preparing for war, defense, or simply expanding your army, this calculator helps ensure that your efforts are as effective as possible. With its straightforward formulas and user-friendly interface, the Evony Troop Calculator is a must-use for any player aiming to thrive in the competitive landscape of Evony.

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