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Forge Of Empires 1.9 Calculator

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In the strategic city-building game Forge of Empires, players continuously seek methods to maximize their resources and progress. One essential resource in the game is Forge Points (FPs), crucial for research and enhancing Great Buildings (GBs). This is where the Forge Of Empires 1.9 Calculator comes into play, an invaluable tool for both GB owners and contributors aiming to optimize their FP investments.

Purpose and Functionality

The 1.9 Calculator is designed to calculate the optimal number of FPs a contributor should place on a GB to secure a reward spot that grants more FPs than they invested. This calculation assumes a 1.9 thread or boost is applied by the GB owner, a common practice among players to ensure maximum FP returns for all parties involved.

The Formula

The core of the calculator's functionality is a straightforward formula:

FP_to_place = ceil(Reward_FP / Contribution_boost)

  • FP_to_place: The number of FPs the contributor needs to place.
  • Reward_FP: The FP reward for securing the spot on the GB.
  • Contribution_boost: The boost multiplier applied, typically 1.9.

This formula helps determine the minimum FPs required to claim a reward spot efficiently, ensuring a beneficial exchange between the contributor and the GB owner.

Step-by-Step Examples

Let's illustrate the calculator's use with a simple example:

  • Scenario: A player aims to secure a reward spot offering 50 FPs with a 1.9 boost applied.
  • Calculation: Using the formula, =⌈501.9⌉FP_to_place=⌈1.950​⌉.
  • Result: The contributor needs to place at least 27 FPs to secure the spot.

This process ensures that the contributor gains more FPs than they contribute, maximizing their investment.

Relevant Information Table

Here's a table showing different reward FP scenarios and the corresponding FPs to place:

Reward FP (Spot)Contribution BoostFPs to Place


The Forge Of Empires 1.9 Calculator is an essential tool for any strategic player looking to maximize their Forge Point investments. By ensuring that contributors can efficiently secure reward spots on Great Buildings, both the GB owners and the contributors benefit from an optimized return on their investments. This calculator simplifies the math behind these decisions, allowing players to focus on their broader strategies and enjoy the game to its fullest. With tools like the 1.9 Calculator, players can navigate the complexities of Forge of Empires with confidence, making every Forge Point count.

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