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Forge Of Empires Calculator

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In the strategic city-building game Forge of Empires, players meticulously plan and develop their cities from the stone age to the modern era and beyond. Success in the game depends not just on building a city but optimizing its production, growth, and resources. This is where the Forge Of Empires Calculator comes into play, a handy tool designed to maximize efficiency and strategic planning within the game.

Purpose and Functionality

The Forge Of Empires Calculator is a tool crafted to help players calculate the total production output of their buildings. This includes any production facility that generates goods, resources, or materials necessary for the player’s city development and advancement. The calculator uses a specific formula that takes into account the base production rate of a building, additional bonuses from various sources, and any applied boost items that might double the production output.

The Formula Explained

The heart of the calculator lies in its formula:

totalProduction = baseProduction * (1 + (bonusPercentage / 100)) * boostMultiplier

  • baseProduction refers to the building’s standard output per cycle without any modifications.
  • bonusPercentage is the total of all additional bonuses applied to the building’s production, coming from Great Buildings, events, guild bonuses, etc., expressed as a whole number (e.g., 50% is represented as 50).
  • boostMultiplier accounts for any boost items used by the player to further enhance production, where 2 represents a 100% increase.

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s look at a simple example to illustrate how the calculator works:

  1. Choosing a Building: Suppose you have a Lumber Mill with a base production of 100 lumber per 8 hours.
  2. Calculating Bonuses: Your city benefits from a 50% production bonus thanks to contributions from Great Buildings and guild perks.
  3. Applying Boosts: You decide to use a boost item, doubling the mill’s output for its next cycle.

Using our formula:

totalProduction = 100 * (1 + (50 / 100)) * 2 = 300 lumber

Thus, for the next production cycle, your Lumber Mill will produce 300 units of lumber, triple its base production rate.

Relevant Information Table

Here’s a simple table providing an overview of different scenarios and their outcomes using the calculator:

Base Production (units)Bonus Percentage (%)Boost MultiplierTotal Production (units)


The Forge Of Empires Calculator is an essential tool for any serious player looking to optimize their city’s production capabilities. By accurately calculating the total production output, players can make informed decisions about where to allocate resources, which bonuses to pursue, and when to use boost items. The calculator not only aids in strategic planning but also enhances the gaming experience by providing a clear path to maximizing efficiency and resource management in the vast world of Forge of Empires.

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