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Lost Ark Bingo Calculator

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The Lost Ark Bingo Calculator is an innovative tool designed to enhance the gaming experience of Lost Ark players. This calculator simplifies tracking progress in Bingo events, a popular feature in the game where players complete a grid of challenges for rewards. By inputting a few simple values, players can quickly understand their completion rate and strategize their next moves. Let's delve into the workings, purpose, and functionality of this handy calculator.

Purpose and Functionality

Lost Ark Bingo involves a grid of challenges that players need to complete to achieve Bingo and earn in-game rewards. The completion of these challenges is marked on the grid, and players aim to complete lines for Bingo. The Lost Ark Bingo Calculator helps players by calculating the percentage of Bingo completion based on the total number of cells in the Bingo grid, the number of cells already marked, and any game mechanics-based bonuses or multipliers.

The formula used by the calculator is simple yet effective:

P = (M / N) * 100 * B


  • P is the percentage of Bingo completion.
  • N is the total number of cells in the Bingo grid.
  • M is the number of cells already marked.
  • B is the bonus or multiplier (set to 1 if there are no bonuses).

Inputs Needed

  1. N (Total number of cells): The total count of cells in the Bingo grid.
  2. M (Cells marked): How many cells you've already marked off.
  3. B (Bonus/Multiplier): Any in-game bonus or multiplier that affects Bingo completion rate.

Step-by-Step Examples

Let's go through a couple of examples to see the calculator in action:

  • Example 1: A Bingo grid with 25 cells, 10 of which are marked, with no bonus multiplier.
    • N = 25
    • M = 10
    • B = 1
    • Calculation: (10/25)∗100∗1=40P=(10/25)∗100∗1=40
    • Result: You've completed 40% of the Bingo grid.
  • Example 2: A Bingo grid with 30 cells, 15 of which are marked, with a bonus multiplier of 1.2.
    • N = 30
    • M = 15
    • B = 1.2
    • Calculation: (15/30)∗100∗1.2=60P=(15/30)∗100∗1.2=60
    • Result: You've completed 60% of the Bingo grid, taking the bonus into account.

Relevant Information Table

Here's a table illustrating different scenarios and their outcomes using the calculator:

Total Cells (N)Cells Marked (M)Bonus Multiplier (B)Completion Percentage (P)


The Lost Ark Bingo Calculator is a simple yet powerful tool that aids players in tracking their progress within the game's Bingo events efficiently. By providing a clear percentage of completion, it helps players make informed decisions on their strategies to maximize their rewards. Its ease of use and the ability to account for bonuses or multipliers make it an essential companion for any Lost Ark player looking to excel in Bingo challenges. With the help of this calculator, strategizing and achieving Bingo becomes more straightforward, allowing players to enjoy the game to its fullest.

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