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MapleStory Flame Calculator

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MapleStory, a popular MMORPG, offers a vibrant world of adventure and combat. A significant aspect of enhancing your character's strength lies in the optimization of equipment, primarily through the application of Flames. Flames add extra stats to your gear, making them more powerful. The MapleStory Flame Calculator is a tool designed to help players predict the outcome of applying Flames to their items. It simplifies the decision-making process by calculating the expected value (EV) of stats gained from Flames, based on the item's level, type, and potential stat increases per tier.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary goal of the MapleStory Flame Calculator is to provide a clear estimate of the benefits of applying Flames to different pieces of equipment. By inputting the item's level, type, and the chances of hitting specific stat tiers, players can gauge the potential increase in stats, helping them to make informed decisions about which items to enhance.

The calculator operates on a straightforward principle: it multiplies the chance of hitting each tier by the average stat increase provided by that tier, then sums these products to find the total expected value (EV) of applying a Flame to the item.

Inputs Explained

  • Item Level: This is the level of the item you're enhancing. Higher-level items generally have the potential for better Flame enhancements.
  • ItemType: Indicates whether the item is a weapon, armor, etc. This classification affects the pool of possible stats that can be enhanced.
  • TierChance: An array representing the probability of achieving each tier of stat increases.
  • StatPerTier: A list detailing the average stats gained per tier.


The formula used by the calculator is as follows:

EV = Sum(TierChance[t] * StatPerTier[t] for t in Tiers)

Here, EV represents the expected value of the stat increase, TierChance[t] is the probability of hitting tier t, and StatPerTier[t] is the average stat increase provided by that tier.

Step-by-Step Example

Let's consider applying a Flame to a level 100 weapon. Suppose we have the following data:

  • Tier chances: 20% for T1, 30% for T2, 40% for T3, and 10% for T4.
  • Stat increases per tier: 4 STR for T1, 8 STR for T2, 12 STR for T3, and 16 STR for T4.

Using the formula, the EV calculation would be:

EV = (0.20 * 4) + (0.30 * 8) + (0.40 * 12) + (0.10 * 16) = 0.8 + 2.4 + 4.8 + 1.6 = 9.6

Thus, the expected value of applying a Flame to this weapon is an increase of 9.6 STR.

Relevant Information Table

Here's a simple table illustrating the tier chances and stat increases for our example:

TierChance (%)STR Increase


The MapleStory Flame Calculator is an invaluable resource for players looking to optimize their equipment through Flames. By providing a clear, expected value of stat increases, it helps in making strategic decisions about which items to enhance, ensuring that resources are used effectively. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of MapleStory, this calculator is a must-use tool to maximize your character's potential.

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