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Mcoc Prestige Calculator

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In the dynamic world of Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC), the Prestige Calculator emerges as a crucial tool for players. This calculator is designed to assess the inherent strength and capabilities of champions, a core aspect for strategic gameplay and team optimization.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary purpose of the MCOC Prestige Calculator is to quantify a champion’s value, known as “prestige,” which is pivotal in planning game strategies and forming competitive teams. Prestige is calculated using two main inputs: the Prestige Index (Π) and the Base Attack Value. The Prestige Index reflects a champion’s potential, while the Base Attack Value indicates their fundamental offensive strength. The formula for calculating prestige is:



The exact formula for calculating Prestige can change over time due to game updates and rebalancing. Generally, it involves the following steps:

  1. Select Top Champions: Prestige is typically calculated based on your top 5 champions.
  2. Calculate Individual Champion Prestige: Each champion’s Prestige is based on its rank, level, and tier. Special boosts, signature levels (also known as “sig levels”), and synergies can also affect a champion’s Prestige.
  3. Average Prestige: Once you have the Prestige values for your top 5 champions, the average of these values gives your overall Prestige.

Simplified Formula

For a simplified example, let’s assume Prestige is just based on rank and level without considering signature levels or other factors. The formula might look something like this:

Champion Prestige=Base Prestige+(Rank Multiplier×Rank)+(Level Multiplier×Level)Champion Prestige=Base Prestige+(Rank Multiplier×Rank)+(Level Multiplier×Level)


  • Base Prestige: A starting value specific to each champion.
  • Rank Multiplier: A value that determines how much each rank increases Prestige.
  • Level Multiplier: A value that determines how much each level within a rank increases Prestige.
  • Rank: The current rank of the champion.
  • Level: The current level of the champion within its rank.

Example Calculation

Let’s say we have 5 champions with the following simplified Prestige values:

  • Champion 1: 4000 Prestige
  • Champion 2: 4200 Prestige
  • Champion 3: 4300 Prestige
  • Champion 4: 4150 Prestige
  • Champion 5: 4050 Prestige

To find the overall Prestige, you would average these values:

Overall Prestige=Champion 1 Prestige+Champion 2 Prestige+Champion 3 Prestige+Champion 4 Prestige+Champion 5 Prestige5Overall Prestige=5Champion 1 Prestige+Champion 2 Prestige+Champion 3 Prestige+Champion 4 Prestige+Champion 5 Prestige​

Overall Prestige=4000+4200+4300+4150+40505Overall Prestige=54000+4200+4300+4150+4050​

Overall Prestige=207005Overall Prestige=520700​

Overall Prestige=4140Overall Prestige=4140

So, in this simplified example, the overall Prestige of the player’s account would be 4140.

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s break down the calculation with a simple example:

  1. Choose a Champion: Imagine a champion with a Prestige Index of 50.
  2. Identify Base Attack: Suppose this champion has a Base Attack Value of 1000.
  3. Apply the Formula: Insert these values into the formula:Prestige=(50×50×1000)775Prestige=775(50×50×1000)​
  4. Calculate: This gives a prestige value, which is crucial for decision-making in the game.

Relevant Information Table

Here’s a table that might help understand the calculation better:

Champion AttributeDescriptionExample Value
Prestige Index (Π)Inherent strength and skills of a champion50
Base Attack ValueFoundational offensive capability of a champion1000
PrestigeCalculated value representing champion’s strength(Calculated)


The MCOC Prestige Calculator is more than just a mathematical tool; it’s a strategic asset for every player in the Marvel Contest of Champions universe. By understanding and utilizing this calculator, players can make informed decisions about which champions to develop and how to structure their teams for maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the Prestige Calculator is indispensable for navigating the complexities of MCOC with confidence and strategic insight.

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