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MTG Land Calculator

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In the strategic card game Magic: The Gathering (MTG), building a well-balanced deck is crucial for gameplay success. One of the fundamental aspects of deck building is determining the correct amount of lands. This is where the MTG Land Calculator comes into play. It’s a tool designed to help players ensure their decks have the right mix of lands, improving their chances of drawing the necessary mana to cast spells during a game.

Purpose and Functionality

The main purpose of the MTG Land Calculator is to calculate the number of lands needed in a deck to effectively cast spells. It considers the total deck size, the desired percentage of lands in the deck, and the distribution of mana symbols across spells. The calculator uses specific formulas to determine:

  1. The total number of lands needed.
  2. The number of lands for each color based on the deck’s mana requirements.

By inputting a few simple figures, players can quickly understand the optimal land distribution for their decks.

How It Works: Formulas Explained

The calculator operates using two primary formulas:

  1. Total Number of Lands:
    TotalLands = TotalDeckSize * DesiredLandPercentage
    This calculates how many lands your deck should contain based on its total size and your preferred land-to-spell ratio.
  2. Number of Lands for Each Color:
    ColorLands = (TotalColorSymbols / TotalManaSymbols) * TotalLands
    This helps you figure out how many lands of each color you need based on the color distribution of the mana costs in your deck.

Variables Used:

  • TotalDeckSize: The total number of cards in your deck.
  • DesiredLandPercentage: The fraction of your deck you want to be lands.
  • TotalLands: The total lands calculated to be in your deck.
  • TotalColorSymbols: Mana symbols of a specific color in your deck’s spells.
  • TotalManaSymbols: All mana symbols present in your deck’s spells.
  • ColorLands: The calculated number of lands of a specific color.

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s go through a practical example:

Imagine you’re building a 60-card deck aiming for 40% of it to be lands. Your spells primarily require blue and green mana, with 20 blue mana symbols and 15 green mana symbols among them. The total mana symbols in your deck amount to 35.

  1. Calculate Total Lands Needed:
    TotalLands = 60 * 0.40 = 24
    Your deck should have 24 lands in total.
  2. Calculate Blue Lands Needed:
    BlueLands = (20 / 35) * 24 ≈ 14
    You’ll need around 14 blue lands.
  3. Calculate Green Lands Needed:
    GreenLands = (15 / 35) * 24 ≈ 10
    You’ll need around 10 green lands.

Relevant Information Table

TotalDeckSize60 or 100 cards
DesiredLandPercentage33% to 40%
TotalLandsCalculated total lands needed
TotalColorSymbolsTotal mana symbols of a specific color
TotalManaSymbolsTotal mana symbols in the deck
ColorLandsCalculated lands of a specific color needed


The MTG Land Calculator is an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced MTG players. By ensuring that your deck has an optimal distribution of lands, you can significantly improve your game’s consistency and your chances of victory. This calculator simplifies one of the most complex aspects of deck building, allowing players to focus more on strategy and less on math. Whether you’re building a new deck from scratch or tweaking an existing one, the MTG Land Calculator can help ensure your mana base is solid.

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