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MTG Mana Calculator

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In the strategic and competitive world of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), building a well-balanced deck is crucial for success. A key aspect of deck building is ensuring that you have the right amount of mana sources to cast your spells on time. This is where the MTG Mana Calculator comes into play. It's a handy tool designed to help players optimize their deck's mana distribution, ensuring they can play their spells when they need them the most.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary purpose of the MTG Mana Calculator is to calculate the number of mana sources required in a deck to reliably cast spells by a certain turn. Mana sources typically refer to lands in MTG, which are used to generate mana. The right balance ensures that you won't have too many or too few lands at critical moments in the game.

The calculator uses a specific formula:

ManaSources = (TotalCardsInDeck / DeckSize) * DesiredTurn * (1 - (1 - (LandsInDeck / DeckSize))^CardsDrawnByDesiredTurn)


  • ManaSources is the number of specific mana color sources needed.
  • TotalCardsInDeck is usually 60, the standard deck size in many formats.
  • DesiredTurn is the turn by which you want to cast spells of a certain mana cost.
  • LandsInDeck is how many lands or mana sources the deck contains.
  • CardsDrawnByDesiredTurn includes the initial hand plus any cards drawn by the desired turn.

Step-by-Step Example

Imagine you're building a deck and want to ensure you can play a spell costing three mana by turn 3. Let's assume you plan to have 24 lands in your 60-card deck.

  1. Determine the Mana Curve: Your deck's mana curve peaks at 3 mana spells.
  2. Decide on the Desired Turn: You choose turn 3 for your 3-cost spells.
  3. Input Values: TotalCardsInDeck = 60, DeckSize = 60, DesiredTurn = 3, LandsInDeck = 24, and CardsDrawnByDesiredTurn = 7 + 3 - 1 = 9.
  4. Calculate: Plug these values into the formula to find the number of specific mana sources needed.

Relevant Information Table

InputExample Value
Total Cards in Deck (60)60
Desired Turn to Cast Spell3
Number of Lands in Deck24
Cards Drawn by Desired Turn9
Output: Mana Sources NeededCalculated


The MTG Mana Calculator is an invaluable tool for both new and experienced players of Magic: The Gathering. It simplifies the complex task of mana curve optimization, helping players to avoid common pitfalls such as mana flooding or mana drought. By ensuring that your deck has the optimal number of mana sources for your strategy, you can increase your chances of executing your game plan successfully. Whether you're preparing for a casual game night or a competitive tournament, incorporating this calculator into your deck-building process can lead to more enjoyable and successful gameplay experiences.

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