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Pokemon Typing Calculator

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The Pokemon Typing Calculator is a handy tool designed to make battles in the Pokemon world more strategic and informed. For both seasoned players and newcomers, understanding the ins and outs of Pokemon battles is crucial. This calculator steps in to demystify one of the game’s core mechanics: the interaction between different Pokemon types during combat. By calculating the damage multiplier based on several factors, players can predict the outcome of their moves, making their battle strategy more effective.

Purpose and Functionality

At its core, the Pokemon Typing Calculator allows players to input details about both the attacking and defending Pokemon, including their types, the attack type being used, and other relevant factors. The output is a damage multiplier that reflects how effective the attack is likely to be. Here’s a breakdown of the inputs and how they influence the calculation:

  • Pokemon_Type_1: The primary type of the defending Pokemon.
  • Pokemon_Type_2: The secondary type of the defending Pokemon (if applicable).
  • Attack_Type: The type of attack being used.
  • STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus): A bonus that applies if the attack type matches one of the Pokemon’s own types. This is usually a multiplier of 1.5.
  • Effectiveness: This reflects how effective the attack is against the defending Pokemon’s types, with values like 0.5 for not very effective, 1 for neutral, and 2 for super effective.

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s walk through an example to see how the calculator works in action:

Imagine a Fire-type Pokemon using a Fire-type move against a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon.

  1. Input Details:
    • Pokemon_Type_1 = Grass
    • Pokemon_Type_2 = Poison
    • Attack_Type = Fire
    • STAB = 1 (since the attack type doesn’t match the attacking Pokemon’s type)
    • Effectiveness = 2 (since Fire is super effective against both Grass and Poison)
  2. Calculation:
    • The formula applied is: Damage_Multiplier = Pokemon_Type_1 × Pokemon_Type_2 × Attack_Type × STAB × Effectiveness
    • Plugging in our values: Damage_Multiplier = 1 (as Fire is super effective against Grass and Poison)

In this example, the damage multiplier turns out to be 1, suggesting the attack will do standard damage, thanks to the super effective nature of Fire against both Grass and Poison types.

Relevant Information Table

To further understand the concept, here’s a simplified table that shows the effectiveness of some attack types against certain Pokemon types:

Attack TypeDefending TypeEffectiveness
FireGrass2 (Super Effective)
WaterFire2 (Super Effective)
ElectricWater2 (Super Effective)
FireWater0.5 (Not Very Effective)
GrassPoison0.5 (Not Very Effective)


The Pokemon Typing Calculator is a valuable tool for any Pokemon trainer looking to gain an edge in battle. By understanding the interplay between different types and how it affects the outcome of attacks, players can make more informed decisions, leading to more victories and a deeper appreciation for the game’s strategic depth. Whether you’re planning your next move in a high-stakes battle or just curious about the mechanics of type effectiveness, this calculator is here to guide you through.

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