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Robs Timecode Calculator

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In the realms of film, video editing, and broadcasting, precision is key. One tool that brings such precision to your fingertips is Rob’s Timecode Calculator. This guide introduces you to this nifty tool, explaining its purpose, functionality, and how you can use it through simple examples and an easy-to-understand table.

The Rob’s Timecode Calculator

Rob’s Timecode Calculator is a digital wizard designed for filmmakers, video editors, and anyone involved in media production. Timecodes, which are sequences displayed in the format of hours:minutes:seconds:frames (HH:MM:SS:FF), pinpoint the exact position of a frame within a video or audio sequence. Rob’s Timecode Calculator makes handling these sequences effortless, whether you’re adding, subtracting, or converting timecode values.

Purpose and Functionality

The core function of Rob’s Timecode Calculator is to simplify calculations involving timecodes. Depending on your needs, the calculator can:

  • Add or subtract two timecode values
  • Convert a timecode between different frame rates

Inputs Needed

To perform any calculation, you’ll need:

  • Operation Type: Specify if you’re adding, subtracting, or converting timecodes.
  • Timecode 1: Your first timecode value (e.g., 01:02:03:04).
  • Timecode 2: For addition or subtraction, this is the second timecode value.
  • Frame Rate: The number of frames per second (FPS), crucial for accurate calculations.

Step-by-Step Examples


Example: Add 01:00:00:00 (1 hour at 24 FPS) to 00:30:00:00 (30 minutes at 24 FPS).

  1. Convert to frames: First timecode equals 86,400 frames, and the second equals 43,200 frames.
  2. Add frames: The total is 129,600 frames.
  3. Convert back: This equals a timecode of 01:30:00:00.


Example: Subtract 00:30:00:00 from 01:00:00:00 at 24 FPS.

  1. Convert to frames: Resulting in 86,400 and 43,200 frames, respectively.
  2. Subtract: Leaving us with 43,200 frames.
  3. Convert back: Resulting in a timecode of 00:30:00:00.


Example: Convert 00:01:00:00 at 30 FPS to 24 FPS.

  1. Total frames: Equals 1800 frames.
  2. Convert: Results in 75 seconds at 24 FPS, or 00:01:15:00.

Relevant Information Table

OperationExample InputFrame RateResult
Addition01:00:00:00 + 00:30:00:0024 FPS01:30:00:00
Subtraction01:00:00:00 – 00:30:00:0024 FPS00:30:00:00
Conversion00:01:00:00 (30 to 24 FPS)24 FPS00:01:15:00


Rob’s Timecode Calculator stands out as an essential tool for professionals in the video and audio production industry. It streamlines the complex process of managing timecodes, allowing for quick and accurate calculations. Whether you’re editing a blockbuster film or stitching together clips for a YouTube video, this calculator ensures your frames align perfectly, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Its simplicity and efficiency make it a valuable asset in any editor’s toolkit.

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