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Secret Crush Calculator

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In the whimsical world of love and friendships, the Secret Crush Calculator emerges as a delightful tool designed to explore the compatibility between two individuals. Unlike the serious tone of traditional compatibility tests, this calculator injects fun into the process, using a blend of names, birthdays, and shared interests to offer playful predictions about potential connections. It’s crucial to remember, however, that this tool is meant for entertainment purposes only, offering a lighthearted take on compatibility that doesn’t necessarily reflect real-life feelings or outcomes.

Purpose and Functionality

The essence of the Secret Crush Calculator lies in its ability to take simple, easily accessible inputs and process them through a charming algorithm to produce a compatibility percentage. This method involves three main components:

  • Name Compatibility: A comparison of matching letters in both names to assess a basic level of connection.
  • Birthday Compatibility: An evaluation based on the similarities in birth dates, excluding the year, to gauge astrological harmony.
  • Interest Compatibility: A tally of shared interests, promoting the idea that common hobbies or passions can enhance compatibility.

By amalgamating these elements, the calculator offers a unique compatibility score, promising a moment of fun and curiosity for those who use it.

The Formula Explained

The calculator operates on a straightforward yet captivating formula:

  1. Name Compatibility is calculated by (Number of matching letters in name1 and name2) / (Average length of name1 and name2) * 100.
  2. Birthday Compatibility comes from (30 - abs(Day of birthdate1 - Day of birthdate2)) / 30 * 100.
  3. Interest Compatibility is determined by (Number of shared interests) / (Total number of unique interests) * 100.
  4. The Overall Compatibility score is the average of the three previous scores.

Step-by-Step Example

Imagine two friends, Alice and Bob, decide to use the calculator. Alice’s birthday is March 1, and Bob’s is March 15. They share interests in hiking, photography, and music, but Alice also likes painting, and Bob enjoys cooking. Here’s how their compatibility is calculated:

  • Name Compatibility: Assuming ‘Alice’ and ‘Bob’ have no matching letters, this score would be low.
  • Birthday Compatibility: With birthdays 14 days apart, (30 - 14) / 30 * 100 = 53.33%.
  • Interest Compatibility: With 3 shared interests out of 5 unique ones, (3 / 5) * 100 = 60%.

Thus, their overall compatibility would be the average of these scores.

Information Table

ComponentDetailsExample Calculation
Name CompatibilityMatching letters in names0% (for Alice & Bob)
Birthday CompatibilityDifference in birth dates53.33%
Interest CompatibilityShared interests60%
Overall CompatibilityAverage of the above components37.78% (approx.)


The Secret Crush Calculator serves as a delightful diversion, offering users a unique way to ponder the possibilities of their relationships. While its predictions are not to be taken too seriously, it presents an engaging way to consider the various facets of compatibility between friends or potential love interests. Whether it sparks laughter or curiosity, the Secret Crush Calculator highlights the joy of discovering commonalities and differences within our relationships, reminding us of the many dimensions that can draw people together.

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