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Skyrim Alchemy Calculator

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In the immersive world of Skyrim, alchemy is a powerful skill that allows players to mix ingredients and create potions and poisons with various effects. The process, while engaging, can be complex and time-consuming as players experiment to discover the best combinations of ingredients to achieve their desired effects. This is where the Skyrim Alchemy Calculator comes into play, a tool designed to simplify and enhance the alchemy experience by providing immediate insights into the potential outcomes of ingredient combinations.

Purpose and Functionality of the Calculator

The Skyrim Alchemy Calculator is designed to help players quickly determine the value and effectiveness of the potions and poisons they can create, based on their character’s current alchemy skill level, any worn fortify alchemy gear, and alchemy perks. By inputting the relevant data, players can see how different variables affect the final product, making it easier to strategize their alchemy practices without the need for trial and error.

The calculator operates using several key variables:

  • 1,2,3,…E1​,E2​,E3​,…: The effects of the ingredients.
  • S: The player’s Alchemy Skill Level, ranging from 0 to 100.
  • F: The total multiplier from Fortify Alchemy gear effects.
  • P: The multiplier based on Alchemy perks the player has activated.
  • B: The base value of the potion or poison, which varies depending on the effects combined.

How It Works: Formula and Calculation

To understand the calculator’s workings, let’s delve into the formula used to calculate the value (V) of a potion or poison:

V = B * (1 + 0.05 * S) * F * P

Additionally, the effectiveness (E) of a potion or poison, which pertains to the magnitude and duration of its effects, can be calculated as follows:

E = Base_Effect * (1 + 0.05 * S) * F * P

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s walk through an example to illustrate how the calculator works in practice:

  1. Suppose you’re creating a potion with a base value (B) of 100.
  2. Your Alchemy Skill Level (S) is 50.
  3. You’re wearing gear that provides a 20% bonus to Alchemy (1.20F=1.20).
  4. You have perks that give you a 2x multiplier (2P=2).

Using the formula:

V = 100 * (1 + 0.05 * 50) * 1.20 * 2 = 360

This calculation indicates that under these conditions, your potion would have a value of 360.

Relevant Information Table

VariableDescriptionExample Value
BBase value of potion/poison100
SAlchemy Skill Level (0-100)50
FFortify Alchemy gear effects total multiplier1.20
PPerks multiplier2
VCalculated value of potion/poison360


The Skyrim Alchemy Calculator is an invaluable tool for players looking to optimize their alchemy practice. By taking into account the intricate variables of alchemy, this calculator eliminates the guesswork, allowing players to focus on what they enjoy most about the game. Whether you’re a casual player seeking to enhance your gameplay or a dedicated alchemist aiming to master your craft, the Skyrim Alchemy Calculator offers a straightforward and effective way to navigate the complexities of Skyrim’s alchemy system.

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