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Picture Frame Moulding Calculator

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Creating a custom picture frame tailored exactly to your artwork or photo dimensions not only adds a personal touch to your space but also ensures that your memories are preserved in style. Enter the Picture Frame Moulding Calculator, a nifty tool designed to take the guesswork out of crafting the perfect frame. This calculator simplifies the process of determining how much moulding material you need based on the dimensions of the picture you wish to frame.

Purpose and Functionality

The Picture Frame Moulding Calculator is designed with both amateur and professional framers in mind. It uses a straightforward formula to calculate the total length of moulding required to frame a picture. The essential inputs for this formula are the height and width of the picture, including any matting, and the moulding overlap, which secures the picture within the frame.


To figure out how much moulding you need to make a picture frame, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure Your Picture: Find out how tall and how wide your picture is, including any extra space you want for matting.
  2. Decide on the Overlap: Choose how much the frame should overlap your picture. A common choice is a little bit, like a quarter of an inch, so the picture fits nicely in the frame.
  3. Add It All Up: First, add together the height and the width of your picture. Then, double that number because you need moulding for both the top/bottom and the sides.
  4. Don't Forget the Overlap: Since the frame overlaps the picture a bit on all sides, you need to add extra length to your total. Multiply the overlap by 4 (because you have 4 sides) and add this to your total from step 3.
  5. Total Moulding Length: The final number you get is how long your moulding needs to be to go all around your picture.

How It Works: A Simple Guide

Let’s break down the formula step by step:

  1. Input Dimensions: Start by entering the height (H) and width (W) of your picture, including any matting.
  2. Specify Moulding Overlap (O): Determine how much the moulding will overlap the edges of your picture. A typical overlap is about 0.25 inches (or 0.5 cm).
  3. Calculate the Perimeter (P): Add together the height and width of your picture and then multiply by two to find the perimeter.P=2H+2W
  4. Adjust for Moulding Overlap (AP): To ensure the frame adequately covers your picture, add four times the moulding overlap to the perimeter.AP=P+4O

Example in Action

Imagine you have a picture that measures 20 inches wide by 30 inches tall, and you decide on a 0.25-inch overlap of moulding:

  • Perimeter (P): 2×20+2×30=1002×20+2×30=100 inches
  • Adjusted Perimeter (AP) for Overlap: 100+4×0.25=101100+4×0.25=101 inches

Thus, you'll need 101 inches of moulding to create your frame.

Table of Essential Information

InputDescriptionExample Value
Height (H)Height of the picture, including matting30 inches
Width (W)Width of the picture, including matting20 inches
Moulding Overlap (O)Overlap of moulding over the picture's edge0.25 inches
Perimeter (P)Total perimeter of the picture frame100 inches
Adjusted Perimeter (AP)Perimeter adjusted for overlap101 inches

Wrapping It Up

The Picture Frame Moulding Calculator is more than a convenience—it's a game-changer for anyone looking to frame pictures perfectly. Whether you're framing a priceless piece of art, a cherished family photo, or an inspirational poster, this calculator ensures that you buy just the right amount of moulding. No more, no less. It saves time, reduces waste, and brings a professional touch to DIY framing projects.

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