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Pillow Stuffing Calculator

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Creating the perfect pillow requires the right amount of stuffing. Not enough and your pillow will be flat and uncomfortable. Too much, and it’ll be too firm for a good night’s sleep. This is where a pillow stuffing calculator comes in handy. It’s a tool designed to help you find the right balance for the ultimate comfort. Here’s a straightforward guide to using one.

Pillow Stuffing Calculator

A pillow stuffing calculator is an online tool or a formula that helps determine the amount of stuffing material needed to fill a pillow to your preferred firmness. Whether you’re making a new pillow or refurbishing an old one, this calculator ensures you get it just right.

Purpose and Functionality

The goal of the pillow stuffing calculator is to eliminate guesswork in pillow making. It considers the dimensions of the pillow, the density of the stuffing material, and your desired firmness level. The result? A pillow that feels just right.

How It Works

  1. Input Pillow Dimensions: Measure the length (L), width (W), and height/thickness (H) of your pillow in inches or centimeters.
  2. Select Stuffing Material: Different materials have varying densities. Choose the one you’re using, such as feather, down, polyester fiberfill, or foam.
  3. Choose Your Firmness: Decide how firm or soft you want your pillow and input the firmness factor. This can be a subjective choice but is crucial for comfort.


We’re essentially figuring out how much material we need to fill a pillow just right. Here’s how you do it in simple terms:

  1. Measure Your Pillow: Find out how long, wide, and thick your pillow is. These are your pillow’s dimensions.
  2. Imagine Filling a Box: Think of your pillow as a little box. You’re going to fill this box with your chosen stuffing (like feathers or foam). To know how much stuffing you need, you first need to know how big this box is inside.
  3. Calculate the Box’s Size (Volume): Multiply the pillow’s length by its width and then by its height. This tells you the size of your pillow’s inside space (volume).
  4. Stuffing Material: Different stuffing materials take up space differently. For example, feathers might fill up the same space differently than foam because they are lighter or denser.
  5. How Firm Do You Want It?: Decide if you want your pillow soft, medium, or firm. This is your firmness factor. A higher number means you want it firmer, so you’ll need more stuffing.
  6. Put It All Together:
    • First, find your pillow’s inside space (volume) from step 3.
    • Then, think about the stuffing type you’re using and its character (step 4). Some stuffing might be fluffier or denser.
    • Finally, decide on your pillow’s firmness (step 5). More firmness means more stuffing.

In simple terms, the formula is like this: Pillow’s Inside Space x Stuffing Character x How Firm You Want It = How Much Stuffing You Need.

So, if your pillow (the box) is 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 5 inches thick, first find the inside space. Then, depending on the stuffing you choose (say, something that’s not too heavy), and how firm you want your pillow, you multiply those together to figure out exactly how much stuffing to put inside to make it perfect for you.

The Formula Explained

To calculate the amount of stuffing needed, follow these steps:

  1. Calculate Pillow Volume (V): Use the formula V=L×W×H to find the volume of your pillow.
  2. Adjust for Stuffing Material Density (D): This step converts the volume into weight based on the stuffing material’s density.
  3. Apply Desired Firmness Factor (F): Multiply the volume (or weight) by the firmness factor to find out how much stuffing you need.

The final formula looks like this:

Amount of Stuffing Needed=Amount of Stuffing Needed=V×D×F

Example Calculation

Let’s say you have a pillow that is 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 5 inches high, and you’re using polyester fiberfill with a density of 0.1 oz/in³. You want a medium firm pillow, so you choose a firmness factor of 1.5.

  1. Pillow Volume: =20×15×5=1500 in3V=20×15×5=1500in3
  2. Amount of Stuffing: 1500×0.1×1.5=225 oz1500×0.1×1.5=225oz

You would need approximately 225 ounces of polyester fiberfill.

Information Table

Here’s a simple table with common stuffing materials and their approximate densities:

Stuffing MaterialDensity (oz/in³)
Polyester Fiberfill0.1


A pillow stuffing calculator simplifies the process of making or refurbishing pillows, ensuring you achieve the desired comfort and support. By considering the pillow’s dimensions, the stuffing material’s density, and your preferred firmness, you can create the perfect pillow every time. Remember, the ultimate goal is a good night’s sleep, and the right pillow is a big part of that. Happy crafting!

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