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Pool Paint Calculator

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Refreshing your swimming pool with a new coat of paint is an excellent way to breathe new life into your outdoor space. However, before you embark on this project, it's crucial to know exactly how much paint you'll need. This is where a Pool Paint Calculator comes in handy. Designed to simplify your planning process, this tool helps you estimate the amount of paint required to cover your swimming pool's surface efficiently.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary purpose of a Pool Paint Calculator is to prevent the common dilemma of purchasing too much or too little paint. By inputting specific measurements of your pool and the coverage rate of the paint you plan to use, you can get an accurate estimate of the paint volume needed for the job. This calculation considers the pool's surface area, including the walls and floor, and the paint's coverage capability (square feet per gallon).

How It Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let's break down the process using a Pool Paint Calculator for a rectangular pool as an example:

  1. Input Measurements: Enter the length, width, and depth of your pool in feet.
  2. Select Paint Coverage Rate: Input the coverage rate found on your paint can (square feet per gallon).
  3. Calculate: The calculator processes these inputs to estimate the amount of paint needed.

Example Calculation

Imagine a rectangular pool that measures 30 feet in length, 15 feet in width, and 6 feet in depth. The paint you chose covers approximately 300 square feet per gallon. Here's how the calculation pans out:

  • Walls Surface Area: 2×(30×6)+2×(15×6)=360+180=540 2×(15×6)=360+180=540sqft
  • Floor Surface Area: 30×15=450sqft
  • Total Surface Area: 540+450=990sqft

Using the given paint coverage rate:

  • Paint Required: 990 /300 =3.3 990sqft/300sqft/gal=3.3gallons

Thus, you'd need approximately 3.3 gallons. Rounding up, it's safe to purchase 4 gallons of paint.


To figure out how much paint you need to refresh your pool, you can use a simple calculation. It's all about measuring your pool's surfaces and knowing how far your paint will go. Let's break it down into easier terms:

For a Rectangular Pool

  1. Measure the Pool: Grab the length, width, and depth of your pool in feet. These are the distances from end to end, side to side, and top to bottom.
  2. Calculate the Walls: Multiply the length by the depth, then do the same for the width and depth. This gives you the size of the pool walls. Since there are two sets of walls (lengthwise and widthwise), multiply each result by 2 and add them together.
  3. Calculate the Floor: Multiply the length by the width. This gives you the size of the pool floor.
  4. Add It Up: Add the total wall size to the floor size. This is your total painting area.

For a Circular Pool

  1. Measure the Pool: You need the diameter (the distance across the circle) and the depth of your pool.
  2. Calculate the Side: Multiply the diameter by the depth, then by π (pi, approximately 3.14). This gives you the circular side area.
  3. Calculate the Bottom: Divide the diameter by 2 to find the radius. Square this (multiply it by itself), then multiply by π. This gives you the bottom area.
  4. Add It Up: Add the side area to the bottom area for the total painting area.

Paint Coverage

  • Find Out the Coverage: Look at your paint can or ask the manufacturer. Paint coverage is usually given in square feet per gallon (how many square feet one gallon of paint will cover).

Calculate the Paint Needed

  • Divide the Total Area by Coverage: Take the total painting area you calculated and divide it by the paint's coverage rate. This tells you how many gallons of paint you need.


If you have a rectangular pool that's 30 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 6 feet deep, and your paint covers 300 square feet per gallon:

  • Walls: 2×(30×6)+2×(15×6)=540 2×(30×6)+2×(15×6)=540sqft
  • Floor:  30×15=450sqft
  • Total Area: 540+450=990sqft
  • Paint Needed: 990 /300=3.3 990sqft/300sqft/gal=3.3gallons

So, you'd round up and buy 4 gallons to make sure you have enough.

That's it! Just measure, multiply, and divide to figure out how much paint you'll need to give your pool a fresh coat.

Relevant Information Table

To aid in your planning, here's a table illustrating the surface area calculations for common pool sizes and the corresponding estimated paint volume needed based on a coverage rate of 300 sqft/gal:

Pool Size (Length x Width x Depth)Surface Area (sqft)Paint Required (gallons)
20ft x 10ft x 5ft6002
30ft x 15ft x 6ft9903.3 (round up to 4)
40ft x 20ft x 8ft17605.9 (round up to 6)

Conclusion: The Benefits of Using a Pool Paint Calculator

A Pool Paint Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone looking to repaint their swimming pool. It offers a straightforward method to accurately estimate the amount of paint needed, helping to avoid the frustration and additional cost of buying too much or too little paint. By taking into account the unique dimensions of your pool and the coverage rate of your chosen paint, this calculator ensures that you can approach your pool makeover project with confidence. Remember, always consider purchasing a little extra paint to account for variations in surface texture and application thickness, and for the best results, follow the manufacturer's application guidelines closely.

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