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EEOC Settlement Calculator

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Navigating the complexities of employment discrimination claims can be daunting. The EEOC Settlement Calculator is a tool designed to help claimants estimate potential settlements in cases of employment discrimination. This calculator simplifies the estimation process by incorporating various factors such as back pay, front pay, compensatory damages, punitive damages, and the probability of winning the claim.

Purpose and Functionality of the EEOC Settlement Calculator

The primary purpose of the EEOC Settlement Calculator is to provide an estimate of the financial settlement one might expect in an employment discrimination case filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This tool takes into account several types of economic and non-economic damages that a claimant may seek.

Inputs Explained:

  • Back Pay: This includes wages that the claimant lost from the time of the discriminatory act up to the settlement or judgment.
  • Front Pay: This accounts for projected future earnings lost due to the discrimination.
  • Compensatory Damages: These are for non-economic losses such as emotional distress or pain and suffering due to discrimination.
  • Punitive Damages: These are awarded to punish the employer for particularly malicious or reckless discrimination.
  • Probability of Winning: This reflects the likelihood of success in proving discrimination, often estimated by legal professionals.

The calculator uses the following formula to estimate the settlement: Estimated Settlement=(Back Pay+Front Pay+Compensatory Damages+Punitive Damages)×Probability of WinningEstimated Settlement=(Back Pay+Front Pay+Compensatory Damages+Punitive Damages)×Probability of Winning

Step-by-Step Example

To illustrate how the EEOC Settlement Calculator works, consider the following scenario:

  • Back Pay: $30,000
  • Front Pay: $20,000
  • Compensatory Damages: $15,000
  • Punitive Damages: $10,000
  • Probability of Winning: 60%

Using the formula: Estimated Settlement=($30,000+$20,000+$15,000+$10,000)×0.60=$45,000Estimated Settlement=($30,000+$20,000+$15,000+$10,000)×0.60=$45,000

This means the estimated settlement would be $45,000 based on the inputs.

Relevant Information Table

Here’s a table summarizing the different components and their typical inputs:

ComponentDescriptionTypical Input Example
Back PayLost wages due to discrimination.$30,000
Front PayFuture lost wages due to discrimination.$20,000
Compensatory DamagesFor emotional distress and pain.$15,000
Punitive DamagesTo punish severe discriminatory acts.$10,000
Probability of WinningLikelihood of success in the case.60%


The EEOC Settlement Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone involved in an employment discrimination case. By providing a structured way to estimate potential settlements, it helps claimants understand their possible financial compensation and prepare for negotiations or court proceedings. It also serves as a preliminary assessment that can assist in decision-making processes regarding whether to proceed with a claim. This calculator simplifies complex calculations and makes it easier for individuals to navigate the legal landscape of employment discrimination claims.

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