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Egg Freezing Calculator

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The Egg Freezing Calculator is a pioneering tool designed to offer women insights into the potential success rates of egg freezing, a procedure increasingly considered by many for a variety of personal and medical reasons. This calculator simplifies complex fertility data into an understandable probability, empowering individuals with valuable information to aid in their decision-making process.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary purpose of the Egg Freezing Calculator is to estimate the probability of achieving at least one live birth based on two critical factors: the age of the woman at the time of egg freezing and the number of eggs frozen. This estimation is grounded on statistical averages derived from medical studies, reflecting how these factors typically influence the success rates of future pregnancies initiated through frozen eggs.

The calculator uses a straightforward formula:

P = 1 - ((1 - S)^N)

Here, P represents the probability of at least one live birth, S denotes the success rate per egg (which varies by age), and N stands for the number of eggs frozen. This formula acknowledges that while not every frozen egg may lead to a successful pregnancy, freezing multiple eggs increases the likelihood of success.

Step-by-Step Example

To illustrate how the calculator works, let's consider a 34-year-old woman who decides to freeze 10 eggs. Based on the simplified success rate per egg, which is 50% (or 0.50) for women aged 35 or below, the calculation for her probability of at least one live birth would be:

P = 1 - ((1 - 0.50)^10)

This formula reveals that her chances of experiencing at least one live birth from these frozen eggs are approximately 99.9%. This high percentage underscores the potential effectiveness of egg freezing when a significant number of eggs are preserved at a younger age.

Relevant Information Table

Age CategorySuccess Rate Per Egg (S)
<= 350.50
36 - 380.40
39 - 400.30
> 400.20


The Egg Freezing Calculator stands as a crucial tool for women contemplating egg freezing as a means to preserve their fertility. By providing an estimated success rate based on age and the number of eggs frozen, it offers a personalized glimpse into the potential for future parenthood. While it's important to acknowledge the calculator's reliance on statistical averages and the varying nature of individual circumstances, this tool significantly demystifies the process and outcomes of egg freezing. Ultimately, it serves as a guide, complementing professional medical advice and supporting individuals in their fertility journey with informed choices.

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