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Tattoo Tip Calculator

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When you get a tattoo, not only are you investing in a piece of art on your body, but you’re also receiving a service from a skilled professional. Just like tipping in restaurants, tipping tattoo artists is a common practice to show appreciation for their work. However, calculating the right amount to tip can sometimes be confusing. That’s where the Tattoo Tip Calculator comes in handy. This simple yet effective tool helps you figure out how much to tip your tattoo artist without the headache of doing math on the spot.

Purpose and Functionality

The Tattoo Tip Calculator is designed to quickly calculate the amount of tip you should leave for your tattoo artist based on the total cost of the service and the percentage of the tip you wish to give. This calculator takes away the guesswork and ensures you’re tipping an appropriate amount, respecting the artist’s effort and your budget.

How It Works

  1. Input the Cost: Start by entering the total cost of your tattoo service.
  2. Choose Your Tip Percentage: Decide on the percentage of the total cost you’d like to tip. Common tip percentages are 15%, 20%, or even more, depending on your satisfaction with the service.
  3. Calculate: The calculator then uses a simple formula to determine the tip amount and the total amount you’ll be paying, including the tip.

Formula Explained

The Tattoo Tip Calculator uses the following formula to compute the tip:

tip_amount = (cost * tip_percentage) / 100

To find the total amount with the tip included, it add the tip amount to the original cost:

total_amount = cost + tip_amount

Step-by-Step Example

Let’s say the cost of your tattoo service is $250, and you want to tip your artist 20%. Here’s how the calculator works:

  • Cost of the Service: $250
  • Desired Tip Percentage: 20%

Using the formulas:

  • Tip Amount: (250 * 20) / 100 = $50
  • Total Amount with Tip: 250 + 50 = $300

Relevant Information Table

Service CostTip PercentageTip AmountTotal Amount


The Tattoo Tip Calculator is a straightforward yet invaluable tool for anyone getting a tattoo. It ensures that you’re tipping your artist appropriately, respecting their craftsmanship and your budget. By removing the need to do mental math or guess the right amount to tip, this calculator enhances your tattoo experience, letting you focus on enjoying your new art piece worry-free. Whether you’re a regular in the tattoo community or getting your first piece, keeping this calculator handy will make the tipping process as smooth as your tattoo’s finishing touches.

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