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Wien’s Law Calculator

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The Wien's Law Calculator is a simple yet powerful tool designed for students, educators, and professionals in the field of physics and astronomy. It serves a specific purpose: to calculate the peak wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a black body based on its temperature. This calculator leverages the principles of Wien's Law, making complex calculations straightforward and accessible to anyone, regardless of their math skills.

Understanding Wien's Law

Wien's Law is a fundamental concept in physics that describes the relationship between the temperature of a black body and the wavelength at which it emits radiation most strongly. In simpler terms, it tells us which color of light a heated object will glow with the brightest. The law is encapsulated in the formula:



  • maxλmax​ represents the peak wavelength in meters,
  • T is the temperature of the black body in kelvins,
  • b is Wien's displacement constant (2.897×10−32.897×10−3 m·K).

How the Calculator Works

The Wien's Law Calculator simplifies the process of finding maxλmax​, the peak emission wavelength, with just a few clicks. Here's a step-by-step guide on how it operates:

  1. Input the Temperature: Enter the temperature of the black body in kelvins.
  2. Calculate: With a single click, the calculator processes the input using Wien's Law.
  3. View the Result: The peak wavelength in meters is instantly displayed, indicating the color of the light emitted most strongly by the black body.

Examples for Better Understanding

Let's go through a couple of examples to see the calculator in action:

  1. Example 1: For a black body at a temperature of 5000K, the calculator will show a peak wavelength of 5.8×10−75.8×10−7 meters, which corresponds to the visible light spectrum, indicating a bright white-yellow color.
  2. Example 2: If the temperature is set at 300K, the peak wavelength is around 9.7×10−69.7×10−6 meters, placing it in the infrared range, invisible to the human eye.

Relevant Information Table

Temperature (K)Peak Wavelength (m)Color Emitted


The Wien's Law Calculator is more than just a computational tool; it's a gateway to understanding the intricate dance between temperature and light. By simplifying complex calculations, it enables users to predict the color of a heated object without delving into the complexities of thermal radiation physics. Whether for educational purposes, research, or sheer curiosity, this calculator opens up a world of possibilities in the study of black body radiation, making it an invaluable resource for anyone fascinated by the physics of light and heat.

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