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Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Calculator

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In the realm of urban planning and construction, understanding how large a building can be constructed on a specific plot of land is crucial. This is where the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) calculator comes into play. A user-friendly tool, the FAR calculator helps determine the maximum size of a building that can be built on a parcel of land, based on local zoning laws and regulations.

Purpose and Functionality

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is a critical metric used by architects, planners, and city officials to ensure that buildings are constructed in proportion to the size of their plots. It's calculated by dividing the total floor area of a building by the total area of the plot on which it stands. This ratio helps maintain a balance between the built environment and open spaces, ensuring that areas do not become overly congested and remain livable.

How It Works

The formula to calculate FAR is quite straightforward:

FAR = Total Floor Area of the Building / Total Area of the Plot

  • Total Floor Area of the Building: This is the sum of the floor area of all the floors within the building, including all covered spaces.
  • Total Area of the Plot: This is the entire land area available for the building.

Step-by-Step Example

Let's walk through a simple example to illustrate how the FAR calculator works:

Imagine you have a plot of land that is 1,500 square feet. You plan to construct a building with three floors, each floor being 1,000 square feet. To find out the FAR, you would use the formula as follows:

FAR = (1,000 sq ft * 3 floors) / 1,500 sq ft plot = 3,000 sq ft / 1,500 sq ft = 2

This means your building's floor area is twice the size of your plot area, resulting in a FAR of 2.

Relevant Information Table

To give you an idea of how FAR varies with building and plot sizes, here's a table with hypothetical examples:

Plot Size (sq ft)Building Floor Area (sq ft)FloorsFAR


The FAR calculator is an indispensable tool in the field of urban planning and development. It simplifies the complex calculations needed to comply with zoning regulations, aids in efficient land use, and helps maintain a balance between developed spaces and open areas. By using the FAR calculator, architects and planners can ensure their projects are feasible before moving forward with detailed designs, saving time and resources. Ultimately, the FAR calculator plays a crucial role in creating sustainable, livable urban environments.

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