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Tinman Calculator

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CV Pace: min/km

Easy Run Pace: min/km

Tempo Run Pace: min/km

The Tinman Calculator is a unique tool designed for athletes, especially runners, to estimate their pace for different types of runs based on their current fitness level. This innovative calculator uses a set of simple formulas to determine Critical Velocity (CV) Pace, Easy Run Pace, and Tempo Run Pace. These metrics are crucial for runners aiming to improve their performance, manage recovery, and enhance their metabolic fitness.

Purpose and Functionality

The primary aim of the Tinman Calculator is to offer athletes a way to tailor their training paces without the need for extensive testing or professional coaching. By inputting a recent 5K race time, the calculator provides:

  1. Critical Velocity (CV) Pace: An estimate of the fastest pace an athlete can maintain for 30-35 minutes, which is slightly faster than their 5K race pace.
  2. Easy Run Pace: A significantly slower pace than the CV Pace, ensuring recovery and aerobic conditioning.
  3. Tempo Run Pace: A pace slightly slower than CV, ideal for sustained efforts to improve metabolic fitness.

These calculations help athletes plan their training sessions with precision, targeting specific physiological adaptations without overtraining or undertraining.

How It Works: Step-by-Step Examples

Let's say an athlete has a recent 5K race time of 25 minutes. Here's how the Tinman Calculator would work:

  1. Calculate CV Pace:
    • Formula: CV_pace_per_km = (5K_race_time_in_minutes / 5) * 1.03
    • Calculation: (25 / 5) * 1.03 = 5.15 minutes per kilometer
  2. Calculate Easy Run Pace:
    • Formula: Easy_pace_per_km = CV_pace_per_km * 1.2
    • Calculation: 5.15 * 1.2 = 6.18 minutes per kilometer
  3. Calculate Tempo Run Pace:
    • Formula: Tempo_pace_per_km = CV_pace_per_km * 0.95
    • Calculation: 5.15 * 0.95 = 4.89 minutes per kilometer

Relevant Information Table

Pace TypeFormulaExample CalculationResult (min/km)
Critical Velocity5/5×1.03CV_pace_per_km=55K_race_time_in_minutes​×1.0325/5×1.0325/5×1.035.15
Easy Run1.2Easy_pace_per_km=CV_pace_per_km×1.25.15×1.25.15×1.26.18
Tempo Run0.95Tempo_pace_per_km=CV_pace_per_km×0.955.15×0.955.15×0.954.89


The Tinman Calculator is a valuable resource for runners of all levels to optimize their training by accurately determining their training paces. It eliminates guesswork, allowing for a more structured and effective training regime. By using the calculator, athletes can ensure they are training at the right pace to maximize performance, recovery, and overall fitness. Whether you're preparing for a race or looking to improve your general conditioning, the Tinman Calculator is a straightforward tool to help you achieve your running goals.

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