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34-Hour Reset App Calculator

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The 34-Hour Reset App Calculator is a tool designed for commercial drivers and their employers to manage driving hours in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. These regulations are crucial for ensuring the safety of drivers on long hauls by preventing fatigue. The central feature of this calculator is to help drivers reset their weekly driving limits by taking a mandatory continuous rest period.

Purpose and Functionality

Under FMCSA regulations, commercial drivers are limited to either 60 hours over 7 days or 70 hours over 8 days of driving time. To continue driving without violating these limits, drivers can reset their driving hours by taking a continuous 34-hour off-duty period. The 34-Hour Reset App Calculator simplifies this process by calculating the new available driving hours after the reset period, ensuring drivers stay within legal limits and avoid penalties.

Inputs Required

The calculator requires several inputs to perform its function:

  • Current Total Hours Worked: The total hours a driver has worked in the current week or cycle.
  • Start Time of the 34-Hour Reset Period: The beginning of the rest period.
  • End Time of the 34-Hour Reset Period: This is optional as the calculator can determine it based on the start time plus 34 hours.
  • Additional Off-Duty Hours: Any extra off-duty hours taken during the week, not part of the 34-hour reset.

Formula and Calculation Process

The formula for the calculator isn’t straightforward due to the regulatory compliance checks involved. It can be outlined as follows:

  1. Check Compliance: Verify if the total hours worked and additional off-duty hours meet the reset requirements.
  2. Calculate End Time: Determine the end time of the 34-hour reset period based on the start time.
  3. Reset Available Hours: Based on compliance, reset the available hours for the week to 60 or 70.

This process ensures that drivers can safely manage their work hours without exceeding legal limits.


Let’s go through a step-by-step example:

  1. Current Total Hours Worked: 65 hours
  2. Start Time of the 34-Hour Reset Period: Friday at 8 PM
  3. Additional Off-Duty Hours: 5 hours

Using the calculator, we input these values and find that the driver will complete their 34-hour reset by Sunday at 6 AM, resetting their available hours to 70 for the next cycle.

Relevant Information Table

Current Total Hours Worked65 hoursTotal hours driven in the current week or cycle.
Start Time of Reset PeriodFriday at 8 PMWhen the 34-hour off-duty period begins.
Additional Off-Duty Hours5 hoursExtra off-duty hours not part of the 34-hour rest.
OutputSunday at 6 AMEnd of the 34-hour reset period.


The 34-Hour Reset App Calculator is a valuable tool for commercial drivers, ensuring they adhere to FMCSA regulations while maximizing their driving availability. By automating the calculation of the 34-hour reset, it reduces the risk of human error and helps prevent violations. This tool is essential for maintaining the balance between operational efficiency and safety on the roads.

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