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Tf2 Scrap Calculator

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In the popular online game Team Fortress 2 (TF2), players collect various items, including weapons and metals. Managing these assets can be complex, especially when trying to craft or trade items efficiently. The TF2 Scrap Calculator is a handy tool designed to simplify this process, helping players convert their weapons and metals into scrap metal, which is a basic currency in the game's economy.

What is the TF2 Scrap Calculator?

The TF2 Scrap Calculator is an online tool that helps players calculate how much scrap metal they can generate from their current weapon and metal holdings. This calculation is essential for players looking to optimize their resources, craft new items, or make profitable trades.

How It Works

The calculator takes into account:

  • Number of Weapons: The weapons you have that can be converted into scrap metal.
  • Type of Weapons: Identifies whether weapons are craftable or non-craftable, which influences their value.
  • Current Metal Holdings: Any existing metal (scrap, reclaimed, or refined) you want to include in your calculations.

Formula and Calculations

Here's a breakdown of how the calculator processes the input:

  1. Conversion of Weapons to Scrap:
    • Every pair of the same type of weapon can be crafted into 1 scrap metal.
    • The formula to find out how much scrap metal you get from weapons is: number of weapons divided by 2.
  2. Conversion of Existing Metal:
    • 1 reclaimed metal equals 3 scrap metal.
    • 1 refined metal equals 9 scrap metal.
  3. Total Scrap Calculation:
    • The total scrap metal is calculated by adding the scrap from weapons and the converted value of any existing reclaimed or refined metals.
    • The formula used is: Total Scrap=⌊Number of Weapons2⌋+3×Reclaimed Metals+9×Refined MetalsTotal Scrap=⌊2Number of Weapons​⌋+3×Reclaimed Metals+9×Refined Metals

Where ⌊𝑥⌋⌊x⌋ is the floor function that rounds down to the nearest whole number.

Step-by-Step Example

Example 1:

  • Weapons: 10 craftable weapons
  • Reclaimed Metals: 2
  • Refined Metals: 1

Using the formula:

  1. Weapons to scrap = ⌊102⌋=5⌊210​⌋=5 scrap metals
  2. Reclaimed to scrap = 3×2=63×2=6 scrap metals
  3. Refined to scrap = 9×1=99×1=9 scrap metals
  4. Total scrap metals = 5 + 6 + 9 = 20 scrap metals

Information Table

Input TypeValueResult in Scrap Metals
Weapons (Craftable)105
Reclaimed Metals26
Refined Metals19


The TF2 Scrap Calculator is an essential tool for any Team Fortress 2 player looking to maximize their in-game resources. It simplifies the conversion of weapons and metals into scrap metal, providing clear and straightforward calculations. Whether you're crafting new items or looking for profitable trades, this calculator helps ensure that you make the most out of your inventory. By streamlining these calculations, players can spend less time managing resources and more time enjoying the game.

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