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Rok Speedup Calculator

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The Rok Speedup Calculator is an invaluable tool for players of the popular mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms. This calculator helps players efficiently manage their in-game resources by calculating the total time saved through the use of various speedup items. These items are essential for advancing faster in the game by reducing the time required for training troops, researching technologies, constructing buildings, and healing wounded troops.

Understanding the Rok Speedup Calculator

The main purpose of the Rok Speedup Calculator is to provide players with a clear and precise calculation of how much time they can save using their available speedup items. This enables more strategic planning and effective use of resources, which is crucial in the competitive environment of Rise of Kingdoms.

How It Works

Players input the amount of each type of speedup they have, specifying the time value for each (e.g., minutes, hours). The calculator then sums these values to determine the total amount of time saved. The primary categories of speedups include:

  • Training Speedups: Reduce time for troop training.
  • Research Speedups: Decrease time needed for technological advancements.
  • Building Speedups: Cut down construction times for buildings.
  • Healing Speedups: Speed up the recovery of wounded troops.

Formula Used

The formula to calculate the total time saved is straightforward:

Total Time Saved=Sum of all speedup timesTotal Time Saved=Sum of all speedup times

This formula takes into account the various inputs provided by the user and outputs the cumulative time saved.

Step-by-Step Examples

Let’s consider a practical example to see how the Rok Speedup Calculator operates:

Example Input:

  • 5 training speedups of 1 hour each
  • 3 research speedups of 30 minutes each
  • 2 building speedups of 2 hours each


  1. Convert all times to the same unit (hours in this case).
  2. Sum the times: 5×1 hour=5 hours5×1 hour=5 hours 3×30 minutes=1.5 hours3×30 minutes=1.5 hours 2×2 hours=4 hours2×2 hours=4 hours
  3. Add all up: 5+1.5+4=10.5 hours5+1.5+4=10.5 hours

Output: Total Time Saved = 10.5 hours

Relevant Information Table

Here is a table detailing the types of speedups and their potential time values:

Type of SpeedupTime Values (example)
Training Speedups1 hour
Research Speedups30 minutes
Building Speedups2 hours
Healing Speedups1 hour


The Rok Speedup Calculator is a powerful tool that offers significant strategic advantages to Rise of Kingdoms players. By calculating the total time saved through various speedups, players can make more informed decisions about how to allocate their resources, prioritize game actions, and ultimately enhance their gaming experience. This calculator is not just a utility but a game-changer, making the path to conquest and success smoother and faster.

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