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Bark Coverage Calculator

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The Bark Coverage Calculator is a practical tool designed to help gardeners and landscapers accurately determine the amount of bark mulch needed to cover a garden bed or landscape area effectively. This calculator simplifies the planning process for purchasing bark by calculating the cubic yards of bark needed based on the area's size (in square feet) and the desired thickness of the bark layer (in inches).

Purpose and Functionality of the Bark Coverage Calculator


The main purpose of the Bark Coverage Calculator is to provide users with a quick and accurate estimation of the amount of bark mulch required to cover a specific area. This helps in efficient budgeting and ensures that the area is adequately covered, promoting healthy plant growth and weed suppression.


To use the calculator, you need to input:

  1. The area of the space (in square feet).
  2. The desired thickness for the bark mulch layer (in inches).

Formula Used

Here, 324 is used as the conversion factor which comes from multiplying the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard (27) by the number of inches in a foot (12), as depth is initially provided in inches.

Step-by-Step Example

Example Calculation

Scenario: A gardener wants to cover a newly cleared garden bed measuring 20 feet by 30 feet with a 3-inch layer of bark.

Step 1: Determine the Area

[ {Area} = 20 { ft} \times 30 { ft} = 600 { square feet} ]

Step 2: Select the Desired Depth

[ {Depth} = 3 { inches} ]

Step 3: Calculate the Volume

[ {Volume} = \frac{600 { sq ft} \times 3 { in}}{324} \approx 5.56 { cubic yards} ]

This result means that approximately 5.56 cubic yards of bark are needed to cover the 600 square feet garden bed with a 3-inch layer of bark.

Information Table

InputDescriptionExample Values
Area (square feet)The total area where the bark is to be applied.600 sq ft
Depth (inches)The desired thickness of the bark layer.3 inches
Output (cubic yards)The amount of bark needed to cover the area adequately.5.56 cubic yards


The Bark Coverage Calculator is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to enhance their garden’s aesthetics and health with a mulch layer. It provides a fast, easy, and accurate way to determine the quantity of bark needed, thereby helping to avoid under or over-purchasing. By using this calculator, gardeners can ensure their outdoor spaces are covered correctly and economically, allowing them to enjoy lusher, healthier gardens with minimal effort.

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